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How to Style Jordans: 5 Tips for Men

If you’ve landed here today, then you already know how on-trend, popular, and beloved Nike’s Air Jordan shoes are.

But did you know that seventy-seven percent of NBA players wore them during the 2019-2020 season? The top nine models being sported on the court were all by Nike, proving the brand has transcended hype and actually has staying power. No basketball star would risk rocking a pair of shoes that didn’t contribute to their overall game.

This brings us to you—someone scouring the internet, wondering how to style Jordans—whether it’s their first pair or their first pair in a while. Yes, Air Jordans are one the best sneakers for men, but that means nothing if they’re paired with an outfit that leaves much to be desired.

Keep reading for five hot tips that’ll have you feeling like Jordan himself.

1. Pair Them With a Matching Athleisure Set

Nowadays, feeling comfortable in your clothing doesn’t have to look bummy. Thanks to the new and ever-growing popularity of athleisure wear, the sweatpants stigma is o-v-e-r. In fact, some athleisure sets look creamier and smoother than our finest suit jackets!

We’re kidding, but the point is, get your hands on a cozy set that’s not too tight but not too loose, so it still looks appropriate and not like you just rolled out of bed. Opt for a smooth material that looks silky to the touch—and maybe even feels that way, too. We’re imagining a pullover or hoodie with a pair of matching tapered joggers.

If you opt for neutral colors, like blacks, greys, beiges, it allows your most favored and popular Jordans to be the star of the show and can withstand pattern fads.

2. Keep Jeans Straight Around the Ankles to Highlight the Shoes—

A straight-cut jean is the way to go when it comes to Air Jordans, which are a naturally chunkier shoe.

A tapered leg that’s not too long gives your Jordans room to breathe and shine. If your pants are a little longer, no worries—a small cuffed ankle looks good, too. Jordans look great with a hemline near the ankle, rather than above it, erring on the side of longer than shorter.

If you’re not a fan of skinny jeans, no worries there, either. Straight doesn’t have to mean skinny or tight—it can mean a pant leg that’s cut evenly, not boxy, but not flared, either.

If you’re still not into the look, this next one is for you.

3. —Or Opt For a Baggier Fit (Just Not Too Baggy)

Yes, you can get away with wearing baggier-fitting jeans with Air Jordans.

The idea, whether you’re wearing straighter or looser, is to let the Air Jordans be what people notice about your outfit. The pants should only complement, not stand out. If they’re incredibly loose, flared, or baggy, they’re bound to bunch up around the feet, covering the coveted Nike checkmark.

What’s the point, right? You didn’t spend $190 on the brand new Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFTs just to hide them!

4. Coordinate Your Socks, Especially When Wearing Shorts

We’ve talked enough about pants and jeans. Now let’s talk shorts.

One of the greatest parts about Jordans is how great they look with some awesomely coordinated socks. Whether you’re wearing high-, mid-, or low-top Jordans doesn’t matter—each looks fantastic when you pair them with some matching socks. The same rule applies whether you’re wearing jean shorts, basketball shorts, work shorts, or something between.

When you wear shorts, you have a unique opportunity to make the socks equally as important as the rest of your outfit, so don’t skimp out here! Go for monochromatic and/or black-on-black, both of which look stylish. Or, find a cool color that goes perfectly with your patterned, vividly colored Jordans of choice, and keep the rest of the outfit simple.

Speaking of simple . . . 

5. Go for Flashy Jordans Paired With Neutral Clothing

No matter the situation—whether it’s running errands, going to work, hitting up an NBA game, lifting weights at the gym, walking around the mall—no matter the outfit, one of the best ways to rock Air Jordans is to keep the look neutral.


Because it’s all about balance. It’s about letting your clothes support the shoes, letting them guide the outfit instead of the other way around.

How often have we gotten entirely dressed before reaching into our shoe closet? With Jordans, you reach into the shoe closet first—the rest comes after.

So, have no fear when going for a funky fit of Jordans or something with insane patterns. Buy ’em, rock ’em, and keep the rest of your look neutral to restore order. You can even swap out the stock laces for something different, making your pair even more unique to you.

Slam Dunk! Now You Know How to Style Jordans

If you’ve just purchased a beautiful, pristine new pair of Nike Air Jordans, then do them the honor of following the style tips on this list.

There’s no point in balling out if you can’t dress like a baller to match, right? 

In all honesty, with a pair of shoes this great, it’s hard to go wrong. Be you, wear what’s comfortable, and have fun—that’s what wearing Jordans is all about. Use the guidelines on how to style Jordans above to get you started, but don’t forget to play the game, too.

It’s what #23 would want.

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