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Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Bathroom Germ Free

A bathroom should always be clean and free of germs. After all, it is the room that is used to clean. However, without the proper cleaning products and significant organization, it is just about impossible to keep a bathroom clean and looking tidy. With these top tips, you will be able to sanitize surfaces, get rid of germs, and keep your bathroom products organized.

Use Bleach Free Clorox

When attempting to sanitize surfaces to get rid of germs and unsightly marks, it is of utmost importance that you use suitable bathroom cleaners to achieve an ultimately clean bathroom. Cleaning products that are not capable of killing germs are practically useless for the bathroom. However, bleach-free Clorox is a top-rated bathroom cleaning product that is powerful enough to kill almost all known germs and yet it is also safe to use as it does not contain bleach. Products that contain bleach will be able to kill harmful germs, although, bleach is harmful to skin and it can also stain clothing, which is bleach free products are recommended.

Clean The Toilet Daily

Understandably, the toilet is where most bathroom germs are lurking, which is why you should use a powerful toilet cleaning product to clean your toilet at least once each day. There are several suitable toilet cleaning products available on the market, although, once again Bleach free Clorox is significantly useful for keeping a toilet germ free. Ideally, you should never flush your toilet while the lid is open as this will allow germs to spread. It is also recommended to use an air freshener spray that will help dissolve airborne germs after you have flushed the toilet.

Disinfect Floors Regularly

Dirty floors can only be explained as unsightly. While a dirty floor has the power to make any room look messy, a dirty bathroom floor will encourage the growth of germs and bad bacteria. Using a regular floor wash will help keep your bathroom floor looking clean, although, disinfecting will require the use of a thick bleach product or, alternatively, bleach-free. Remember to wash any throw rugs or bathroom floor mats regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Keep Your Soap In A Soap Dish

Using a liquid soap is most likely the best way to prevent a soapy mess in your shower or bath because the soap is stored in a pump action bottle. However, If you prefer using bar soap, it is best to keep your soap in a clean soap dish. This will help prevent a soapy mess. Additionally, when using bar soap, you should replace the soap if it begins to crack as bacteria are able to grow within these cracks.

Use Fresh Towels And Hand Towels Daily

Even though most people prefer to use their bath towels and hand towels for a few days, it is not the cleanest choice. Bacteria can grow in the damp of towels after they have been used, which is why it is important to replace them after each use for ultimate cleanliness in the bathroom. You should wash your towels in a disinfectant soap wash and air dry or tumble dry to avoid a moldy smell.

Throw Out Old Product Bottles

One of the easiest ways to keep your bathroom organized and clean is to throw out old and empty product bottles that are creating clutter. Try to avoid purchasing multiple different products that do the same thing, such as several different facial cleansers. This will simply create an unsightly clutter. It is also a great idea to make use of a bathroom cabinet to store products out neatly. Bathroom racks are also a suitable idea to encourage an organized bathroom.

Can You Use Only One product To Clean A Bathroom?

Advertising may have convinced you that you need several different cleaning products to keep your bathroom clean, although, you can actually use just one. When using only one product like a floor cleaner, bath/shower cleaner, toilet cleaner, and a surface cleaner, you should ensure that you are opting for a product that is powerful enough to disinfect and clean. Both bleach products and bleach free Clorox are able to keep the whole bathroom clean and shinning. However, bleach-free products are safer to use even though they are capable of disinfecting surfaces.