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Why is CBD so Popular Right Now?

CBD products, be it balms, edibles, lotions, and oils, have burst into the market and have grown in popularity rapidly in recent years. There’s no sign of that customer enthusiasm slowing down, as it’s estimated that the CBD industry will be worth over 20 billion dollars by 2024, making it an industry that’s set to be a staple in wellbeing and beauty markets.

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis, the same plant used to make marijuana. The chemical is believed to have a whole host of health benefits, although a lot of them aren’t proven, but is said to help with pain relief, aid in skin care and even provide support with mental health. CBD products will not get you high if they’re made properly and professionally, as by law they have to contain less than 0.3% of THC, the cannabinoid that’s responsible for the psychedelic and sensory effects associated to weed. This means that there’s minimal risk in trying CBD, and if it works for you, then the rewards are massive.

However, this doesn’t explain why CBD is so popular. Here are a few reasons.

Industrial Hemp is Legal Now

There has been an explosion of CBD products due to it becoming more readably available and slightly easier to produce. In 2018 the US Farm Bill was passed, meaning that industrial hemp was legal on a federal level, allowing businesses to cultivate and grow their own hemp plant, which is a strand of cannabis that has much lower THC content. Pair this with the legalization of medical and even recreational use of cannabis in a lot of states in the United States. It’s easy to understand that it’s gotten popular because it’s now allowed to be. For those looking for top quality, third party tested, batch CBD products Cope CBD has a whole host of products to help you get started with your CBD adventure.

It’s Thought to Have A Lot of Health Benefits

One big reason why CBD products have spiked in popularity is that they are universally believed to have a lot of varying health benefits, with people flocking to the supplement to help with a host of things such as joint pain, high blood pressure, skin care, mental wellbeing, and even digestive issues, even though none of these benefits have been officially proven to be true.

There’s plenty of evidence from studies and research that say that that CBD may have medical uses, in fact, it’s used as an alternative treatment to epileptic seizures when nothing else works, but as of right now, it’s illegal for CBD companies to claim that CBD can treat anything, due to the lack of research and total understanding of the product. That’s why CBD is mostly advertised as a supplement.

Can Be Consumed in Many Different Ways

Another reason why CBD products are so popular is that there’s a method of using them that’s bound to suit everyone. Some of the most common forms CBD products take are:

  • Edibles, such as gummies and chocolates, that users can eat or drink.
  • Oils and tinctures, which are concentrated forms of CBD that are dropped under the tongue and absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Pills and capsules, which resemble the vitamins you’ll find at a drugstore.
  • Topicals, ranging from infused oils, creams, and lotions that are used directly on skin, hair, or nails.
  • Vaping, which involves inhaling a vaporized liquid that contains CBD oil.