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The 5 Best Urban Motorcycles You Should Be Considering

Motorcycling is a lot of fun. There is something special about hopping onto your bike and heading out to the horizon, possibly not sure where you are going or when you’ll be back! 

Of course, for many people their motorcycle is more than just pleasure, it’s the most convenient way to get from A to B, especially in congested urban settings. Motorcycles have the ability to slip through traffic, they can be parked for free and they are more economical to run than most cars. 

But, you need to choose the right bike. Motorcyclists are more likely to be killed on the road, that’s why you need to choose a bike that is easy to handle in traffic. Big bikes can be used for the urban commute but they are not generally the best choice. 

1. Honda CB300R

The Honda CBR has a 300cc engine and sits slightly higher than the average bike. That gives you additional visibility over other vehicles, helping you to be aware of what is going on. The engine has plenty of torque, ensuring you have the power you need to get out of trouble. But, it’s also a surprisingly light bike, making it easy to manouvere. The fact that it looks great is a bonus!

2. KTM 390 Duke

In fact, you can choose almost any of the KTM dirt bikes and you’ll find they are good for your urban commute. The 390 Duke has a 372cc engine offering plenty of power in a light package. This bike is surprisingly slim, helping you to get through any gap.

In addition, the suspension is designed for inner-city travel and high-end Brembo brakes. It’s designed to make the urban commute enjoyable.

3. BMW G310 GS

BMW is known for making big motorcycles that are perfect for great adventures. However, the G310 GS is designed for city streets. It’s like a small-scale version of the grand tourers. The bike has a 313cc engine, advanced ABS, plenty of torque, and excellent brakes.

It also sits higher than average, improving your view of the road ahead. With all the latest gadgets fitted you can look good while cruising through the traffic.

4. Yamaha MT-07

The MT-07 is the latest offering from Yamaha, it builds on the success of the FZ-07 and offers an impressive 678cc engine. That’s possible more power than you need for the commute but it makes it a great all-rounder.

The bike is sleek, looks fantastic, and uses a parallel-twin engine, ensuring smooth performance.

5. Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone

This offering from Moto Guzzi has the biggest engine of the bunch. The V-twin gives you 744cc and great acceleration. You may even forget you’re on the commute. The style of this bike is more like a classic cruiser than an urban commuter. But, that adds to its appeal.

The bike is designed to be minimalist, although you have to question if this makes it more invisible to car drivers. It certainly delivers in terms of style and maneuverability.