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Five Reasons That You Should Invest In Singapore Property

Condominiums are somehow known prior to the meaning of the residential condominiums. The word condo is directly related to residential condominiums such as Riverfront Residences. However, there is one more kind of condominium for which people are more interested and keen to buy the investment property. This condominium is known as commercial condominiums. These commercial properties include office space, hotel rooms, motels, retail shops, etc.

As we are talking about commercial condominiums, what are its benefits, how can it be purposeful and can be profitable for the people who are wanting to invest in commercial condominiums. These benefits include:

1. Ease of Renting/Selling

Private condo owners get to have liberty by themselves when it comes to renting and selling their individual homes to prospective buyers. These condo units are combined with each other and every business owner or person owns one separate part of it.
The main benefit of a commercial condo is that it is affordable, and flexibility related to it for the investors to allure them towards businesses and investment. Singapore condos have got freehold tenure that allows the residents to be permanent owners.

2. No permission needed to sell

As it is already stated that each of the commercial condos is separate from each other, there is no need to ask for permission or any documentation is needed from any other multiple parties that are working with you. Singapore condos are known as spacious homes and have every modern age technology in it.

3. Affordability

Another benefit when it comes to the commercial condo is the affordability. Commercial condos provide good benefit and option for all the investors who cannot afford to purchase an entire building or a part of it known as complex. Each of these single units forms together with a complex which is known as a part of the building that makes it more affordable.

4. Tax Benefits

As all of the people among Singaporeans are keen towards the taxation issues, all they want is to get rid of taxation terms hence, they do not know much of it as they do not do much research. The commercial condooffers the business owners with a good alternative to rent or lease the space along with various tax benefits. These commercial condo owners when offering the business owners with alternatives can also provide them with the information of tax benefits. These benefits include deduction on property tax and interest tax, building assessments, insurance policies, depreciation, repairs, and utilities.

5. Government policies

The government is activity monitoring the market, they do not encourage steep increase in prices which ultimately lead to a bubble bursting later down the road. Instead they implemented multiple cooling measure to stable the market when its getting to hot and create a very strong foundation which is actually prevents any one to overstretch themselves when investing in multiple property, the government also limits a percentage of their monthly income for servicing the property loan, with this implementation, the rate of foreclosure and fire sale is very rare in Singapore.


When it comes to purchasing an investment state, Singapore condos prove to play a vital role as of its commercial condominiums’ beneficial option which is available for both the investors and as well as business owners. It is proved to be known as the fine turning point/beginning point for both the business owners and investors who seem to have a small budget and are more concerned as well as keen to put their money in commercial investment estate which can be beneficial for them and can also reap ownership benefits through investing.