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Luxury Makeup Brands That Are All The Rage In India

Who doesn’t love makeup? And why not? Makeup is the ultimate solution to every skin woe. Be it basic chick or ultra glam, there is no look that makeup can’t help you achieve. When it makes such a defining impact on how we perceive ourselves, there is no questioning the fact that people don’t think twice before spending bucket loads on makeup products, especially when it comes to luxury makeup products. However, like all good things, not all luxury makeup brands are readily available in India. So we’ve made up a list of all the ones that actually are and have collated them just for you!


With its own unique line of cosmetic products, Chanel is probably on the top when it comes to luxury makeup brands. On top of that, its visualising colours and playful packaging leaves little room for resistance. Not only does it grab the shopper’s attention, but it’s appealing range makes it easier to splurge. So while owning Chanel accessories might be a little costly for you, investing in some Chanel makeup will definitely in your kitty with some savings.

Estee Lauder

A household brand when it comes to reliable makeup and skin care products, Estee Lauder is available in India across beauty stores and through isolated Estee Lauder outlets. The best part is that apart from offering makeup that lasts, Estee Lauder also provides users with a wide range of skin care products for all skin types. We especially love their tinted SPF moisturiser, for it’s the perfect solution when you’re faced with a dilemma in the summer heat.


Give it to Dior to come up with unique fragrances that are insanely hard to resist. While available at only limited stores in the country, the divine fragrances that Dior offers are definitely worth all the trouble. But the one thing that Dior surpasses all other cosmetic brands is not just its fragrances, but it’s mascaras. Launched sometime around last year, the mascara wands became a range when just a few strokes would make it look like the person is wearing uber long lashes.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is not just famous for its pristine collection of quality handbags and clutches, but its collection of lipsticks is also making a range in the luxury beauty segment. Paired with their amazing collection of highlighters, there is nothing that can stop you from looking your fabulous best!

Huda Beauty

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the magic of makeup that Huda has reintroduced into our lives. The shades are not only vibrant, but they are so very versatile that they suit every skin tone. From its matte collection to superior glossy ones, there is no range of lipstick shades that Huda Beauty has not mastered already. And do you know what we love best? Their shades of liquid lipstick. Non-drying and uber matte, you cannot really go wrong with them.

Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford is not just famous for its uber stylish clothes, but their beauty segment has taken fashionistas by storm as well. And now the ultra great brand has made its way to India as well via their makeup range – Tom Ford Beauty. If you head over to Sephora stores located in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chandigarh, you can shop their amazing range of lip colours and EDTs.


Clinique has established itself as a reliable name in the modern beauty segment. And we can’t keep ourselves from crushing over their products. Not only do they offer an exciting range of skin care essentials for every skin type, but they also provide travel-sized accessories if you’re on a particular budget. Our suggestion? You definitely have to try some Clinique to know what ultra beauty feels like.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

If you love having your eyebrows on point, then maybe you should take a look at Anastasia Beverly Hills for making them look like perfection. Their brow fillers come in amazing shades such as mud brown, ultra black, and chocolate brown. What’s more, their upcoming line of eyeshadows is all you need to compliment those perfect brows!


If you don’t have Smashbox in your beauty kit already then you’re definitely missing out on a lot of great beauty looks. Not only can their highlighters double up as foundation, but their high-quality setting sprays and highlighters will definitely give your entire look an instant bout of upliftment. But we absolutely love how they’ve played with colour theory and have brought forward a range of tinted moisturisers to give you everything you need.

Bobbi Brown

If you’ve been on the hunt for a lasting eyeliner gel that doesn’t dry off quickly then we have to recommend Bobbi Brown to you. Ultra creamy and light in texture at the same time, their range of eyeliners will satisfy any lover of dramatic eyes. Coupled with their diverse range of lip colours and you’ve got the stage set for your style.

When it comes to makeup, nothing is too much. So go ahead and check out these luxe beauty brands that will have you smiling all the way!Luxury Makeup Brands That Are All The Rage In India