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Instagram Color Coordination: Theme Ideas You Should Apply!

Have you ever been in someone’s field and felt envy about how impressive and beautiful their Instagram feed is? May be its the color that attracts or pattern that their feed follow. Theme and colors will make feed impressive; they are more like your signature look. Besides, they play a great role in increasing followers, making your brand popularity, and creating a vibe to make your feet look impressive.

How To Pick Colors?

If your brand already has colors, use them in your photos and quotes. And, if not, pick one color and keep it in your feed always. Doing this will make it easy for you to follow a theme. The only trick is to infuse color(s) in the photos.

You will see color in the background of your photos, your quotes, clothes as well as subject and other objects in your photos. If you are doing this for the first time, keep it simple and start by picking one color.

You can take the cue of color like green from the plants, white from walls, Blue of sky and more. Here are some Instagram themes to take inspiration from:

The Basic: Black & White:

A polished and basic theme is always a safe and a good choice if you want to bring sophistication in your feed. The basic hues will help draw viewers’ attention to the main subject. Besides, this theme is timeless, unique and will help you buy real Instagram likes.

Bright Theme:

If you want to infuse fun in your feed, there’s no other way than using bright colors. Bright colors are attention-grabbing, playful, and are perfect for attracting a young audience. You can pick popping bright hues like yellow, green, orange, and more to make your feed stand out. You can also introduce red to make feed look striking.


One of the safest options to pick colors for your feed is to go for one color. Single color will not create a mess and make your feet clean and impressive. It will also look appealing if you choose calm, soft colors like soft pink, cool green, and more.

Single Theme:

You can also focus on one particular object or include ideas like trees and other objects. Aim at showing your creativity or photography skills through one theme. Create a feed where each post follows a theme.

Puzzle Theme:

Creating puzzle theme take initial planning and is also time consuming; however, the terms of engagement for puzzle theme make the post look more sensible when looking for the feed than individual posts. Also, if you post a puzzle picture, you will be able to buy Instagram followers who are interested in your feed.

Horizontal, Vertical, Or Checkboard Style:

If your brand has perfectly aligned with the content, consider organizing thoughts. You can try creating horizontal or vertical lines with alternating rows of quotes, images, and backdrops. Try the checkboard photo grid and give every alternate photo a consistent background. To do this, all you need is a different style of images and put them consecutively in the feed.

Color Splash Insta Theme:

While this theme takes a little effort, it’s one of the most creative ones. Just show the things you want to highlight, and black ‘n’ white the rest. You can be creative by highlighting things like the color of lipstick, sunflower, dress, and more.

One Filters Theme:

If you like uniform things, use same Instagram filters for every post. While it doesn’t make much difference to your posts, this will make your feed look cohesive.

Border Theme:

Use white borders to create space in your photos and to make the feed look simple. Also, the black borders will create a magazine-like sophisticated look.

So those were some Instagram theme to let you get started. Pick your favorite and make your Instagram look impressive.