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Digital Technology Making a Deep Impact in Modern Homes

It’s a dynamic world out there. With the traditional era giving way to a world where technology decides our respective standards of living, we have become way too dependent on gadgets and digitization. This has paved way for a global online marketplace with shared resources, knowledge access, and customization. The consumer is now the new king, and their comfort and needs have become the main priority. In every moment, there is a new technology being devised to create newer, more efficient or enjoyable way of doing some same old thing. By embracing technology into our lives, we are able to make our daily routines and lifestyles easier, and more comfortable.

Technology in Home Decor

Who would’ve thought that a decade ago that we would have cabs arriving to pick us at our exact location, and that we’d be able to track our rides on our phones? Who would’ve wondered that we’d have a mobile app that can send someone to deliver food and let us rate their service? The effects of technology can also be experienced in how we build our homes. Before, we had to manually program and set appliances in the home that we use to bring us comfort, such as our air conditioner, blinds, light bulbs and even secured locks. Now we can operate them from a distance, without even bothering to get up from our couch to switch off the bedroom light or open the bedroom blinds. Thanks to Google Home, Amazon Alexa and specifically Z-Wave technology, we can give manual instructions to adjust our blinds. A simple “OK Google, please turn off the blinds” or “OK Google, please switch on the lights in the bedroom” will be enough to make sure the tasks are duly completed.

So whether your home is a plush and swanky bungalow in the city or a compact apartment, digital technology has you covered. All you need to do is get your smart hub synchronized with your home devices. Besides the obvious comfort that the technology lends, it offers a safe haven for consumers across the globe. Smart home devices with a centralized locking system offers a foolproof mechanism which cannot be broken into, and even if it does, the alarm sensors ensure you get to know exactly what’s going on in a different portion of your house. These devices can easily be operated via a smartphone or a tablet, and you can have more than one home automation device activated through your phone.

Smart homes, besides the great security features that they offer, offer a multitude of window decor options at different prices and in various colors and patterns. With this unique combination of technology and a global online marketplace at your fingertips, you can choose any window treatment of your choice, as there are many options ranging from Roman shades to velvet drapery and contemporary valances to sleek 1-inch aluminum blinds. So choose your pick and gift your home the sleekness of modern home decor.

Go-To Motorized Window Shades

Cellular Shades: Also known as honeycomb shades, these window treatments are popular shades that can be found in every other home, and for good reason. Cellular shades available in a variety of light filtering and room darkening options, they boast of cellular “pockets” that can protect the indoors by trapping in heat, cold, light and sound.

Roller Shades: These shades can be mounted inside as well as outside the window to protect the home from the sun and the ultraviolet radiation. Roller shades usually come in a specially designed fabric in a variety of different openness levels. These shades are popular especially in coastal areas and dry climates.