Saturday, January 29, 2022

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Max Polyakov Adds Dragonfly Aerospace to His Noosphere Portfolio

Well-known investor and entrepreneur Max Polyakov has acquired a majority stake in Dragonfly, a South African satellite startup. Established in Stellenbosch, South Africa, by a team of five satellite engineers, Dragonfly was led by Bryan Dean, an expert in high-resolution cameras and microsatellites. Max Polyakov mentioned that the high-performance and compact optical payloads could make this company a trusted imaging technology partner.

Currently, the international businessman is the managing partner of Noosphere Ventures. Additionally, he is the founder of several other companies listed in the Noosphere portfolio, like SETS (Space Electric Thruster Systems), EOSDA (EOS Data Analytics), and Firefly Aerospace (launch service provider). 

What Does Polyakov Plan For Dragonfly Aerospace?

With the company’s team having experience of 20+ years in the field of imaging satellites and payloads, the team will be working on EOSDA’s first satellite. This satellite will be used to monitor crop activities globally and will launch in a couple of years. 

According to Max Polyakov, the expertise of Dragonfly Aerospace cannot be undermined when it comes to creating imaging constellations. The company has worked hard to develop an integrated space ecosystem. The advanced technology used by the company will produce high-quality images in a wide range of resolutions and spectrums. 

All these considerations will factor in when monitoring crops and plants around the world. Apart from monitoring the health of agricultural activities, the technology will also help protect the diversity of the plant. Polyakov wishes to improve global food security and support the health of the environment with this action. 

Some of the international clientele of Dragonfly Aerospace include NanoAvionics, Pixxel, Loft Orbital, etc. Coincidentally, these companies are from Europe, which contains major markets for imaging technology. Dragonfly Aerospace has also promised to provide support and help to the South African Space Agency in all future space endeavors. 

Currently, Dragonfly Aerospace is focused on building a facility for microsatellite constellation production. As per the current plans, the space company intends to build 48 satellites per year. Additionally, the company may also expand its corporation to other space companies in the future.

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