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5 Ways to Safely Clean Your Gaming Keyboards and Keypads

The idea of cleaning your keyboard may baffle you, not knowing which is the best and safer way to do it. It may prompt you to clean your keyboard a few days after buying and using it, but wrongly doing it could take you back to the store to find a replacement sooner than ever. One of the most sensitive computer accessories susceptible to poor maintenance is the keyboard, and you have to be heedful when handling it. Here are the best and safest ways to clean your gaming keyboards.

Use cotton swabs to clean in between the keys

Most computer manufacturers, including Asus, Lenovo, and Toshiba, design their keyboards to have wide spaces in between the keys. Or, if you check out keyboards and keypads at, you will understand why the keys are positioned wide apart. This feature is helpful when it comes to cleaning them as they allow your fingers to slip in comfortably without exerting any stress on the keys. And, the best way to remove dust and grime in the spaces is using absorbent cotton swabs.

However, don’t use wet cotton because fluids can leak underneath and cause electronic shorting on the microprocessor and the controller circuitry and damage it.

Use a dust vacuum

A dust vacuum is ideal in cleaning spaces underneath the keys where dust accumulates with time. Dust vacuums are impeccable dust removers and leave your computer intact as they don’t dislodge the keys or cause internal damages. Just make sure that the suction power isn’t intense, such that it causes any pressure to the delicate inner parts of the keyboard.

Disinfect using bacteria wipes

When it comes to safeguarding your gaming space, it may prompt you to disinfect it, but using a safer method that wouldn’t cause any damages to your keyboard and keypads. A typical way of thorough disinfection is using a liquid disinfectant, but don’t use that in them unless you want to render them useless.

A more feasible way, therefore, is using bacterial wipes to disinfect them. These wipes usually have little moisture, abating the risk of fluid leakages that could damage your keyboard.

Avoid bleaching disinfectants

Bleaching disinfectants are a no-go-zone when it comes to cleaning your gaming keyboards and keypads. Conventionally, bleach is used to remove stains from clothes and spotted surfaces. However ideal it may seem to clean smudges using bleach, it may cause more damage than good. You risk wiping out your keys and put your memory to a tough test when trying to find the correct keys programmed for different functionalities. So, some bleach-free soap will do just okay.

Use cleaning slime

Cleaning slime is sticky and removes any dirt and grime on your keyboard. Besides, it doesn’t predispose your keyboard to the short-circuiting risk as the slime is highly adhesive and doesn’t seep underneath.


How you clean your gaming keyboard and keypad is crucial to their maintenance. To help simplify the cleaning, invest in ideal gaming keyboards, and other gaming companies. With the cleaning, we’ve prescribed above. We hope your cleaning will be fun and safe.

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