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The different bra styles and which breast shape they suit

Every women’s body is a different size and shape. Some women have an hourglass frame, while others enjoy their pear-shaped figure. There are plenty of different bras to support your curves and hug your body. You just need to find the right type of bra and the correct size. Bra-shopping can be challenging if you don’t know your balconette from your plunge bra.  

Follow this quick guide to learn about the different bra styles and which one is right for you. 


The balconette is for tear-drop shaped breasts of a small to medium size. The underwire supports from the bottom, while the thicker straps provide a little lift. Balconette bras offer minimal coverage and tend to reveal the top of your breasts. If you like matching underwear, go for a lingerie set with a balconette bra and similar briefs. 


A plunge bra should be your go-to for deep V-neck dresses. The bra dips lower between your breasts to cater for lower necklines. Plunge bras usually have a bit of push-up in them as well. We all need an extra lift from time to time. 

Full cup 

For smaller-sized ladies, the full-cup can double the size of your breasts and add a little volume. Sizing is key for the full-cup bra. You should get measured by a professional to ensure the bra fits correctly around your back and breasts. Full cup bras can be quite uncomfortable if they don’t fit well.


The T-shirt bra should be a staple in your wardrobe. You can wear a simple t-shirt and jeans combo without your bra poking through. It offers a seamless design with moulded protection and a supportive underwire. The T-shirt bra should be soft and comfortable to wear, without any double boob.


The strapless bra is a must if you don’t want your straps to show. Strapless bras tend to be uncomfortable and tight-fitting. You should go for a professional fitting to find the perfect strapless bra. It should stay up on its own without you pulling it up every five minutes. Ask a professional to help you find your staple bra collection. 


The bralette is bang-on-trend right now, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You could wear a lacy, mesh or cotton bralette for your lazy days at home. Larger busted ladies can also wear non-wired bralettes – go for one with thicker straps and a supportive band. 

Sports bra 

You need a sports bra for high-intensity activities, like running or a sports class. It will hold you in and stop your breasts from bouncing around. Ouch. 

Whether you like wired or non wired bras, the perfect design is out there for you.

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