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Cool Things to Do Along the San Antonio Riverwalk

In the heart of the hot, bustling city of San Antonio, there is an oasis of cool along the banks of the river. This 15-mile long tree-shaded stretch is lined with pubs, restaurants and shops and is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll in the city. During the day, riverboat cruises glide up and down and when night falls, the banks are lined with sparkling lights and the sound of live music.

It’s divided into three sections – the Downtown Reach, the Museum Reach and the Mission Reach. Each area of the riverwalk has something different to offer – make sure you pay attention to the plaques along the way that will reveal the stories behind each area. With plenty of great vacation homes for rent in San Antonio, you can plan a slightly longer stay and really take your time exploring what this city has to offer.

Here are some of the highlights that you can explore along this riverside path.

Arneson River Theatre

This gorgeous historic open-air theatre was constructed between 1939 and 1941 and is a great place to catch a show. There are performances of opera, dance, folk music and more throughout the year. Above and behind the seating area of the theatre you’ll find “La Villita” – a historic restoration of the oldest residential neighborhood in San Antonio. These days, it’s filled with galleries and shops and is a wonderful place to explore.

The Pearl Brewery Complex

Another great place to hang out along the San Antonio Riverwalk is the Pearl Brewery Complex. This 22-acre complex is home to the iconic Pearl Brewery, as well as several great restaurants, cool retail shops, peaceful green spaces and a riverside amphitheater. You can dine at the Sandbar Fish House or Il Signo Italian Osteria, then head to the Blue Box Bar for some superb craft cocktails made by Olaf Harmel.

The Shops At Rivercentre

When it comes to shopping along the riverwalk, this massive retail area has so much to offer. There are over 100 different shops here, including a Macy’s, H&M, Starbucks and plenty of other favorite brands. There’s also six restaurants, an IMAX movie theater and a 1000 room Marriott Hotel.

Aztec on the River

Built in 1926, this theatre is one of the most stunning architectural attractions in San Antonio. Decorated with vibrant sculptures, murals and columns, it is inspired by ancient Mesoamerican artifacts. In the theater lobby, an enormous two-ton chandelier dazzles – the largest in Texas at the time. The theater hosts a great lineup of events, from rock and roll concerts to Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings and more.

Esquire Tavern

Stop for a drink at the oldest bar along the San Antonio Riverwalk. The Esquire Tavern was established in 1933 – opening right after Prohibition ended. It’s also known for having the longest wood bar top in Texas – a stretch of wood over 100 feet long where countless people have leaned and sipped over the years.

The San Antonio Museum of Art

Take a moment to soak in some art during your day out on the San Antonio Riverwalk. The San Antonio Museum of Art has an impressive collection, spanning over five thousand years. It’s located within the Lone Star Brewery and it has one of the best collections of Latin American art in the USA