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TN Visa: The New Option For Canadian And Mexican Employees In The US

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) professional TN visa permits inhabitants of Canada and Mexico to work in America in a full- or part-time professional position. Although the TN NAFTA skilled visa aims to improve commercial relationships and economic endeavors among the United States, Mexico, and Canada, there are subtle variations in the requirements based on whether one is Mexican or Canadian.

So, how long is a TN Visa good for? A citizen of Canada or Mexico who has been offered a job in a designated profession and satisfies the essential educational criteria for that profession may serve in America for as long as three years. Further, the ability to renew the permission forever exists.

Who Qualifies For A TN Visa?

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria to be approved for a TN visa:

  • Be a legal citizen of Mexico or Canada and a permanent resident;
  • Engage in activities that meet the requirements of an approved NAFTA profession;
  • Obtain employment in the US as a NAFTA specialist;
  • Have a documented job offer from a US firm (self-employment is not permitted) and Possess the credentials required to conduct your profession.

Mexican nationals must register for TN visas at a US consulate or embassy in their home country. In contrast, Canadian residents can also submit their visa applications at their US border checkpoint. Citizenship in either of the two nations is necessary to get a TN visa, which excludes permanent residents of Mexico and Canada.

What Is The Duration Of A TN Visa?

Many people have doubts about “how long is a TN visa good for?”. The duration of the TN status is three years. The US authorities might only let a TN nonimmigrant enter for a limited time. No matter what, you won’t be allowed to stay longer than the period you’re employed. 

Rational thinking is often used by immigration authorities to determine the first length of stay. For instance, if you are traveling to America to focus on one project, you can only be permitted entry while the project is ongoing. Irrespective of what is written on the visa, verify the Form I-94 that was issued to you at the US border crossing to find out how long you may stay there legally.

Your stay may be prolonged indefinitely many times for periods of three years each.

Can A TN Visa Holder Bring Their Dependents?

A TN holder may petition for TD status on behalf of their spouse and any dependent offspring younger than 21. TD status cannot be awarded for an extended time frame than the primary TN professional bearer has been granted.

They can go to school but are not allowed to work because of their TD status. Post-secondary establishments will charge non-resident tuition fees in most states.


Suppose you need assistance getting to the last stages for a TN visa extension or are simply beginning out on the trip. In that case, hiring a legal team will help better represent you and follow up on the matter as you progress through the visa procedure. They are prepared to use their years of knowledge managing immigration and visa matters for customers worldwide to assist you in the case.