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How to Properly Apply Perfume

Perfume is part of the daily grooming routine. You take time on applying perfume. You put perfume before leaving the house, in the middle day, and before going home. You apply perfume because you want to leave a good impression to everyone you bumped into. You want them to remember you with your scent. Most especially, you want your scent to last for the rest of the day. You want your perfume to stay long. You will find any signature perfume of your choice to Fragrance 365. They have great deals other stores do not offer.

There are perfumes and colognes that do not last that long. That is totally fine. Because for your perfume to last longer, it will actually depend on your application. There are proper ways to apply your perfume so it will last longer and no other unnecessary scent will be mixed into it. You can follow the proper ways to apply your perfume and then your good to go. Your perfume will last long for the rest of the day and you will keep your confidence. The scent is on fleek, isn’t it?

1. The body parts you should put perfume:

Wrist – do not rub your wrist when you put perfume to it like the usual way.
Neck – neck is a pulse point which makes the scent of perfume to last long in your body because it heats up the perfume.
Inside your elbow – if you apply perfume inside your elbow, the scent will last long because it also heats up the perfume when you close-open your elbow.
Behind your knees – same reason with inside your elbow
Hair – you have to be careful in spraying perfume on your hair because it can damage and dry out your hair if not applied properly. Spray your perfume 6 to 7 inches away from your hair. You can also spray your perfume on your comb.

2. Place your perfumes in cool places. Prevent your perfumes to get overheat. It lessens the quality of the scent of the perfume if it has been overly exposed to heat.

3. Apply perfume right after taking a bath. The moist in your skin helps the perfume to stay last long on your body. Also, it is to prevent you from spraying perfume on your dress. There are perfumes that can stain fabrics. You do not want to smell good but your dress is stained.

4. If you think your perfume is too strong smelling, spray it in the air then walk into the vapor of your perfume. It will leave a light and subtle smell of your perfume.

5. You can actually experiment with your perfumes. If you have a perfume and cologne collections, you can mix and create your own scent of your style and choice. If you want to fit your smell with the occasion and you cannot find a suitable perfume, you can experiment and mix which ones will fit your peg.

6. You can put unscented petroleum jelly or unscented lotion on the parts where you will apply perfume. This helps the scent to stay longer on your body. It locks your perfume on your skin. Be mindful on this. You should use unscented because you do not want to ruin the scent of your perfume. Also, make sure you are not allergic. If your skin as quite sensitive, this may not be a good perfume application for you because you might get itchy afterward.

7. Use oil-based perfumes. There are oil based perfumes and it lasts longer than alcohol-based.