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Possible Consequences of Wearing the Wrong Bra

When you go for bra shopping, what is the thing that makes you buy a bra? Is it the design, material, or size? If your answer is the first two, then you might have it all twisted. If you are the kind of girl who would rather have an attractive looking bra on rather than a well-fitted one, you might be causing yourself more harm than good. And the following are the possible consequences you might face down the road.

Breast pain

The very first effect of wearing the wrong fitted bra is that you may experience breast pain. This is mostly caused when you wear a bra that is too small for you. If the cap is petite, your breasts might spill out, and in the effort of tucking them in, you will squish them, forcing them into the cap. They may fit for a while but may start aching afterward.

Back, shoulder, and neck pain

The second effect is that you may experience problems in your neck, shoulder, and back regions. And this relates to wearing a small bra too. If the straps are way too thin, they pressure your shoulder blades and the neck specifically. If the band around your chest is too tight, it causes pressure on your spine, resulting to back pain.

Sagging breasts

This cause is related to wearing a bra that is a size bigger to the recommended size. What happens is that the cap cannot fully support the breasts, and they give in to gravity prematurely. Getting a bra calculator and getting the right fit will go a long way toward ensuring that your breasts remain perky and full for the most prolonged period.

Bad posture

Bad posture due to the wrong fitting bra might result in you trying to compensate for your statue because of an ill-fitted bra uncomfortably. For instance, if the bra you have on is too small and the back band is riding high, you might be forced to slouch so that it feels better. This, done over a long time, affects your posture giving you an older woman’s curved back, which is not attractive.

Skin irritations

If you have a small bra all day long, there is minimal air circulation. And this means that sweat has no space to evaporate, thus accumulating, which irritates the skin. The squeezed breasts might be rubbed, making them itchy, consequently leading to skin irritations.

Induce breast cancer

Cancer emerges when the normal body tissues start multiplying abnormally and causing harm to the body itself. Wearing tight clothing is one of those reasons that may lead to cancerous cells forming. And so an ill-fitting bra might have these hazardous effects on the breasts.

Take Away

That said, it is always great to have your breasts well fitted to avoid any of the above results. In conclusion, ladies, it is better to have a bra that fits right rather than one that looks good. So get fitted first.