Monday, June 21, 2021

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Travelling Solo? Try a Tiny Home Vacation for a Unique Experience

Travelling is a very relaxing activity; seeing new places and experiencing new cultures and food are the main reasons we pack our bags and head out. It’s always a different experience when you go it all alone, though. You don’t have anyone to marvel at all the beauty before you unless you are not shy to engage strangers. When you have a packed itinerary, boredom seldom settles in, but nights usually get lonely. Thankfully, technology has your back in such situations.  You can access various entertainment activities online, including movies, games, music, online casino slots, puzzles, you name it! You can even look for specific activities planned for individual travellers in that area and add to your itinerary. Keep yourself entertained and enjoy the solo experience. 

As you travel across the globe, you see and experience new things, learn new skills and maybe a language. For the adventurous, a new trend has arisen over the last couple of years – holidaying in tiny houses. These are just smaller than average houses that have now become travel favourites. They would be especially ideal for a solo traveller; that way, you will not feel crowded in the modest space they offer. The beauty is that they are now found in different areas; it can be a tiny house in the woods or a cottage, even a mobile home. There are plenty to choose from, hence finding the one to suit your travel needs is not difficult. Let’s talk about why they are so popular.

1. They are budget-friendly

Because of their size, tiny houses are cheaper to rent out than a regular-sized house or hotel room. They are more economical to maintain; therefore, the cost to the traveller is less than what you’d typically expect. Also, saving on accommodation costs allows the traveller to stretch their budget further for other experiences at the travel destination like eating out or shopping. It’s a good deal.

2. You experience the great outdoors

A tiny house in the forest is just a lovely experience; nature is literally at your doorstep. You get to breathe in the clean forest air and wake up to the sounds of birds singing, without the background city noises. You can just get lost in nature and explore all the beauty around you. If a recharge is what you need, this would be the perfect destination.

3. They offer you a chance to try sustainable living

The need to live more sustainably and reduce our carbon footprint has increased a great deal over the years. Tiny houses are designed with this critical factor in mind.  They are eco-friendly and sustainable as they consume much less energy than a typical home. They use much less electricity and water, for example. Tiny houses are often designed with eco-friendly amenities like solar panels, reclaimed materials and composting toilets. They are green and efficient. It would be an enlightening experience certainly.

4. It offers an alternative to glamping

Glamping is the moniker for glamorous camping. If you want to experience the great outdoors with the luxuries of home, glamping gives you that alternative. How do tiny houses fit in? Well, you can find one out in nature, with the luxuries of home, without the tent and the bugs like when camping. 

5. They are cosy

If you want to feel encapsulated and insulated from the world for a time, tiny houses are an excellent option. Based on their size, they are warm, private and intimate spaces, allowing you to relax fully in the confines of nature. 

Our list of advantages is not exhaustive; some benefits you will experience firsthand. The world is evolving, and so is the way we travel. Find a tiny house and enjoy your trip solo traveller!

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