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Is it Possible to Fix Sliding Door Screen or it Need to be Replaced?

Residents of private houses and business owners choose sliding systems for good visibility in open areas and winter gardens. The glass door allows you to admire nature, and it becomes a real owner’s pride. In other words, these doors are moving along guided rails with the help of specific fittings. The structure seems to be not difficult, but, as all other mechanisms, it requires a regular care. In this article we will take a look at how to fix a screen door and, if necessary, how to replace sliding door screen.

To understand how common in exploitation the screen doors are, let us take a closer look on their advantages, types and spheres of usage.

Sliding system can be of “warm” or “cold” glazing, therefore it is perfectly operated during unfavorable weather conditions – frost, summer heat, strong wind etc.

The main advantages are:

  • it saves space;
  • increases the doorway size by giving better natural sunlight accessibility into the room. The premise being abundant with sunlight gives favorable influence on our emotional condition and increases our working ability;
  • perfect panoramic view.

Sliding screens are now used almost everywhere: in malls, restaurants, offices and private houses. They are the most common types:

  1. Folding. They do not swing, but fold and are great for large doorway space. In other words, this is a sliding wall, that folds. This type is connection of 2-6 door leaves with no threshold that ensures a smooth flowing.
  2. Swinging. They are less practical, since occupy more space when opening and can get damaged by bad weather conditions, if you forget to close them during a hurricane or strong wind. Have a limited width, because the hinges are not able to hold a large mass. Both wood and glass base can be used as the main material.
  3. Sliding. These are glass panels fixed on a frame base and slide in parallels to each other. This is considered as their main advantage, since a very little space is occupied while opened. This type consists of much wider screens, than folding one, as they are not attached to the hinges, but tightly fixed on the rails.

Before we give some suggestions on how to repair sliding system, let us take a brief view on the components of the system itself:

  • Door leaf. This is considered to be the main visual part of the whole construction. It is not just a glass of different color, size and other technical properties, it is an outcome of technological evolution, combination of safety enhancements and good appearance.
  • Rollers. These are the parts, that move the doors. They are too small to be visible, but due to them, the sliding process is smooth and silent.
  • Rails or tracks, that slide the door. Depends on a weight of the door leaf, one or two tracks are installed. Usually, for example, for outside patio doors two tracks are needed.
  • Sensors and battery are installed when it is requested for the door to open when the person is coming. These systems are mostly used in offices and sometimes at home.
  • The construction can be additionally equipped by automatic sliding system as well as climate control possibility.

Modern systems are durable and reliable, but with respect to different reasons may require repair works. You may need repair works if:

  1. The door sliding is complicated. The bottom track must be checked first. It should be cleaned from all debris and dust. In case the track is clean but the hard movement is still present, then rollers should be reviewed and adjusted. Hopefully, the problem is solved by now. In case you are still interested in where to repair a screen door, Apex Window Werks professionals can come to your facility to perform all repair works at place.
  2. Damaged seals and worn-out hardware. Seals protect our homes from dust, wind, insects and other small organisms that are not welcome. Please, check seals regularly to insure your living in the comfortable space. On the other hand, hardware review is a more complicated problem, so trust it our technicians to do it.
  3. Glazing problems. Although these structures are manufactured with very strong anti-burglary glass, sometimes we still manage to crack a glass. For cost efficiency reasons, do not try to change the glass yourself. You also do not need to worry on how to replace a screen door, since our Apex Window Werks technicians can come and do requested work – glass replacement. We have all necessary equipment and experience to fulfill the work at the shortest time.

Having reviewed the repair works cases, let us now think what can be done to delay repair or even replacement to later time:

  • If you notice that require more strength either to open or to close the door – it is time to call to technicians to come. Do not wait longer, the more time goes – the more repair will be requested;
  • All the hardware should be lubricated regularly. Remember to ask your technician what liquids should be used for this purpose.
  • Experienced professionals know that all newly installed constructions are to be adjusted. This simple step will eliminate many problems in the future.

Screen sliding system is a big investment into your house or office. To make it serve for years, it should be looked after. So, to delay a question “where can I replace a sliding screen door” to later time, call our Apex Window Werks professionals to provide regular and on time care and, if needed, repair works. We will gladly take all window and doors glazing work to make your lives more comfortable.