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5 Signs That You Have a Workers Compensation Case

Have you recently been injured at work and have several medical bills on your hands? Do you have reason to believe that someone else’s negligence led to your injury? If so, then you need to start building a workers’ compensation case today.

Doing so will help you get the money that you need. That way you and your family won’t experience a financial setback from the cost of your recovery and rehabilitation.

That said, it can be hard to know when you have a legitimate case. See below for several signs that your workplace injury has the grounds for a workers’ compensation case.

1. Your Injury Wasn’t Your Fault

Some of you aren’t to blame for your workplace injury. You were hurt because someone else didn’t do their job correctly.

For example, maybe you slip on the floor after someone spilled water and didn’t bother to clean it up. Perhaps there was something that wasn’t properly reinforced and wound up falling on top of you.

Whatever the case might be, someone else’s negligence led to your life-altering physical ailment. Now you’re the one that’s left on the hook for not only missing time at work but paying for expensive medical bills.

Anytime that you feel someone’s actions led to your workplace injury, be sure to hire a workers’ comp lawyer to represent you. That way, they can start building your case to get you the compensation that you and your family need.

2. Your Injury Is Life-Altering

Just to clarify, any injury can turn into a life-altering injury (in a negative way) without the guidance of a professional medical expert.

Don’t let your injury become more severe because you don’t want to pay for the expensive medical bills yourself. Instead, look into pre-settlement funding to cover the costs while you seek compensation for your injury.

That said, there are some injuries that you’ll know are life-changing right from the start.

This includes injuries such as missing fingers, feet, hands, back injuries, severe head injuries, and injuries that come from breathing in harmful chemicals. Any time that you’re dealing with a permanent injury, you have grounds to file a workers’ comp claim.

Those permanent injuries will entitle you to permanent disability benefits. However, they won’t be easy to get. The insurance companies that offer them are extremely reserved about who they offer those to and will do almost anything to refrain from doing so.

In order to get the permanent disability benefits that you deserve, you’ll need an experienced workers’ comp lawyer on your side. They’ll know how to prove your injury is permanent and force the insurance company’s hand with the evidence that they compile.

3. Your Company Retaliated After You Filed a Claim

One of the biggest reasons that people don’t ever file a workers’ compensation claim is because they feel pressured not to by their employer.

Either the employer tries to convince you not to file one or reacts inappropriately after you’ve done so. That includes things like demoting you, firing, you, lowering your pay, or removing some of your job’s responsibilities.

These actions are completely illegal. There are several federal laws that prohibit an employer from trying to sway your decision. They could be trying to veer you away due to them not having workers’ comp insurance (which is illegal).

No matter what they’re reasoning for trying to deter you, it’s not your concern. During this time, you need to file for the compensation that you and your family need to get your life back on track.

When done right, the employer will simply act as the “first step” of the filing process. You will express your interest in filing a claim, and your employer will supply you with all the necessary paperwork that their insurance provider requires.

4. The Compensation Is Too Low

Make no mistake about it, the workers’ compensation insurance company will try to low ball you as much as possible.

Their workers have been specially trained to offer you the lowest payout they possibly can, trying to convince you that it’s adequate. Too many people fall for this trick and end up only getting a small percentage of their medical bills covered.

Hire a workers’ compensation lawyer from the get-go. They can help you understand the exact compensation amount that you need, as well as give you step by step instructions for how to wait it out until they give in.

5. You Need Medical Attention

This one should be obvious, but a majority of injured workers trying to “suck it up” when they undergo a workplace injury.

If you feel that your injury needs further examination from a doctor, be sure to seek it out right away. If you wait too long, it can negatively affect your case.

The insurance company will claim that if your injuries were as severe as you claim, you would’ve sought out medical attention a lot sooner.

Seek out a doctor so that you can get your life back on track. The longer you wait, the more you harm your case!

Build Your Workers’ Compensation Case Today

Now that you have seen several signs that you’re entitled to a worker’s compensation case, it’s time to find the right lawyer to represent you.

Be sure to take the time and find the right fit. The case could last for several months or a few years, so you’ll want to find an attorney that you trust and find easy to work with.

Make sure to browse our website for more articles on workers’ comp, as well as many other topics that you’ll find helpful.