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How to Select the Best Cleaning Product for your Carpet

Are you desperately looking for a solution for your stained carpet?
The market has a variety of products which vary in prices and quality, and one can be overwhelmed on how to choose the best product. In this article, we will discuss the various products in the market, and their characteristics which we believe can help one make a decision when selecting a product to solve one’s needs.

Sometimes carpets may have stubborn stains that can prove hard to remove but fear not because with the help of this article you can find the solution.

There are three major types of carpet cleaning products:

  • Powder cleaners

This type is for the fast on spot stains that are caused by day to day dirt. It is used to sprinkle on carpets and then leave it for a period which is later vacuumed without necessarily drying out the carpet. The powder is stress-free, and you don’t have to worry about your children going to play on a wet carpet.

  • Liquid cleaners

This category is meant for all type of dirt in carpets, from spot stains to everyday grime. It is used with both the carpet machine and by hand. When applied by using your hand it is applied to the stained area and left for a specified time and then vacuuming is done afterwards.

  • Spray Cleaners

These cleaners are targeted for treating spot stains resulting from spillages. The spray cleaners are used for all types of spillages. It is applied to the stains and then waiting for some time for it to dry and later vacuuming is done.

  • Foam cleaners

This type of cleaners work in the same way as a spray, but it comes in foam form. The application is done using a machine and then vacuuming is done after the foam has stayed for a particular period.

  • Specialised cleaners

These are made for special stains such as sticky, stubborn ones or those caused by red wine spillages.
When using these products, a patch test is done to help see if the cleaner will be effective.. Some cleaners contain fibre shielded polymer protection that defends against more dirt getting into your carpet and are easy to use allowing anyone to achieve a professional finish in their homes, without requiring professional cleaners.

Once you are equipped with this knowledge one can now shop for the best brand of cleaning product.