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The Best Online Cybersecurity Courses

Since IT has been growing is so rapidly that it is now used in almost every field of the human life. Whether it is business, health sector, education, government institutes, whichever field you name, IT has a role to play in it. One thing that IT gave rise to is cybersecurity.

As everything is online, we need to protect it from malicious attacks. And that is what cybersecurity does. There are numerous online cybersecurity courses that you join to make your career in it. If you are looking for platform for that, then luckily, we are here to mention.


Normally, online courses cost a lot, but here we found some courses that are worth checking and won’t put a load on your bank account. T start a course you need to understand the ethics and understanding of the course. If you are looking for something like that, then you should look at Cybersecurity Law primer by Dr, Pavan Duggal. It is very beneficial for those who are looking for the ups and downs of cybersecurity ethics. The level 01 of the course is best for not only those who are enthusiastic about cybersecurity, but also for who want to have some basic knowledge about the subject. The courses of Udemy inspire in many ways. They offer some in-depth courses that help the learners grasp the various aspects of the field. Along with that, courses are really affordable here. If you are considering working as a freelancer to build some experience in the field in a cost-effective way, you should consider Udemy for best online cybersecurity courses.


If you couldn’t understand from the name, Cybrary is an online platform that is quite good at teaching cybersecurity. And not only cybersecurity, but there are also other fields as well including IT and InfoSec-related studies. It offers some of the best online cybersecurity courses and even better they are free. You can create a free account on the platform and get access to around 500 online courses. And all of them are ranked by their difficulty. And to mention it again, all the courses are free on the platform. The platform also allows you to filter courses by level i.e. beginner, intermediate, advanced. These are offered by different vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, and (ISC)2. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals or progressing towards to the advanced levels, you will get everything here.


Coursera works in a way that it presents many different courses as a part of a particular specialization. The Cybersecurity Specialization of the Coursera is one of the best online cybersecurity courses. The Cybersecurity Specialization is created by the University of Maryland and the purpose of it was to provide the learners with the underlying concepts of constructing secure systems directly to your web browser. So, you don’t have to go anywhere, you will get everything at your home.

These are some of the best online cybersecurity courses from reputed platforms so that you can get a better understanding of cybersecurity and how you can get better at it.

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