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10 High-Growth Construction Companies in Canada in 2019

In Canada, construction jobs are expected to rise 4.9 percent over 2024-2028. The market is ripe for new construction activity, with emerging construction trends like prefabricated construction, net-zero houses, and green building practices taking centrestage.

Consumers, in light of burgeoning climate perils, have grown to be more conscious of the spaces they call homes and offices. Construction companies in Canada have picked up the slack of dated business models in response, changing construction practices productively with the times.

To record their growth, a nation-wide survey run by Growth 500 tracks participating companies’ five-year revenue growth in percentage points—and, most of them look better than what corporate behemoths clocked between 2014 and 2019. In other news, On-Site enlisted 2019’s largest construction companies by revenue. Read more on Procore’s take on the top 10 construction companies in Canada.

Diverse businesses get listed on Growth 500. We look at how construction companies have done across varied niches. One thing remains constant though and that’s an aggressive growth rate of over 500 percent over the last six years.

Sit tight to discover who made the list.

1. Impact Drywall

Impact Drywall specializes in a range of house interior projects, from

The drywall contractor, based out of Edmonton, has a holistic approach to making home interiors look appealing and astutely functional. Specializing in a wide range of interior contracting, Impact Drywall has emerged to become a full-service interior contracting company. Ranking 52nd on the Growth 500 list, Impact Drywall grossed $5-10 million from 2013 to 2018. That’s a whopping 1650 percent growth rate handling a large variety of multiple-scaled projects.

Core Offerings:

  • Insulation
  • Steel framing
  • Soundproofing
  • Taping and texturing
  • T-bar ceilings

2. Eco Paving

Eco paving has reinforced the benefits of rubber paving for residential and commercial uses, from

Paving with rubber has been a North American staple for driveways for over 25 years. Being a cost-effective alternative to concrete and asphalt, rubber is now increasingly used for apartment entrances, sidewalks, and driveways.

Headquartered in Coquitlam, B.C, Eco Paving largely services major cities of Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and other Lower Mainland areas. The company uses recycled rubber for paving residential and commercial spaces. The eco-friendliness of rubber paving makes their business cost and time friendly as changing seasons can vastly impact surface integrity. In the future, if clients encounter cracked driveways or uneven entrances, such issues can be overcome with quick resurfacing efforts as rubber can be applied to any subfloor.

Rubber paving isn’t just weather-effective, it’s also endurable and flexible with developing ground movements over the years. Eco Paving works on distinct residential projects. Its 1033 percent growth with $2 to 5 million in revenues testifies to that scale and expertise, earning it the 98th position on the Growth 500 list.

Core Offerings:

  • Driveway paving
  • Patios
  • Pool decks
  • Playgrounds
  • Walkways
  • Splash parks
  • Commercial paving

3. Vamar Construction

Vamar Construction has proven expertise in general and specialty contracting, from
Vamar Construction is a general contractor with specialized services. Having completed several construction and design-build projects, the firm has done them in record time on disciplined budgets.

The construction company has been known to provide cost optimizations at scale across projects of all scales. Huge competitive leverage gained, as a result, it has successfully conquered the GTA market for clients needing lifecycle construction management.

From building to renovating, Vamar Construction does it all with your budget and schedule. Growth 500 ranks the company 112th and has evaluated its growth to be 944 percent with revenues between $2 and $5 million.

Core Offerings:

  • General and specialized contracting
  • Renovations
  • Commercial services
  • Building maintenance
  • Restoration

4. AV Mechanical

AV Mechanical’s plumbers on a Markham site setting up plumbing for a 6000sq ft. custom home, from

With a stellar record for top-notch workmanship, AV Mechanical Inc. has worked a number of unique projects with a tremendous completion rate.

The construction company has met quality parameters consistently with their worker health and safety principles. Primarily involved in top-grade plumbing and hydronics installation, AV Mechanical has a team of trained pros certified by Safeline Management Systems in Worker Awareness, WHMIS, and Working at Heights.

Offering a wide array of plumbing services, the plumbing company takes on:

  • Underground sanitary and domestic water mains
  • Recirculation pumps and hydronics
  • Drain pressure washing
  • Domestic water manifold systems
  • Backflow prevention
  • Well-water retention and more

AV Mechanical ranks 120th on Growth 500 with an 837 percent growth rate and $2-5 million in revenues.

Core Offerings:

  • Commercial plumbing
  • Residential plumbing
  • Custom home building projects
  • High-pressure drain cleaning
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Underground water installation
  • Underground repairs
  • Water heater and pumps
  • Water softener installations
  • Air lines installations

5. Environmental Systems

Environmental Systems Corporation creates lasting critical environments and cleanrooms to standards, from

Environmental Systems Corporation was founded in 1983, out of love for family tradition. Core verticals include Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Commercial Industrial Heating, and Temperature and Humidity Control. From building custom HVAC systems in the 90s to critical built environments today, the company has skilled project teams ready to implement innovative technologies in high-capacity projects.

ESC emphasizes the use of energy-efficient and easy-to-maintain systems for commercial and residential clients to sustain built structures longer.

The company ranks 138th on Growth 500 with a 657 percent growth rate and $20 to $50 million in revenues.

Core Offerings:

  • Cleanrooms
  • Integrated systems
  • Critical environments

6. SKYGRiD Construction

SKYGRiD’s turnkey construction methodologies have transformed southern Ontario’s landscape, from

A Southern Ontario-based construction company, SKYGRiD construction provides a range of turnkey services from development management to project management.

SKYGRiD’s construction methods center on cutting-edge technology and refining best practices keeping a close watch on tech trends. It ranks 140th on Growth 500 with a 635 percent growth rate and $50-100 million in revenues.
Core Offerings:

  • Industrial construction services
  • Commercial construction services
  • Institutional construction services

7. Zoom Painting

Zoom Painting breaks ground when it breaks the affordability ceiling of painting services in Canada, from

Dubbed to be Western Canada’s top painting and coating service, Zoom Paintings has worked on multi-scale projects with 73,000 hours’ worth of painting done annually. Major clients include high-rises, new community developments, and commercial developments.

The painting service contracts with top builders and businesses that are established in their respective networks. Zoom Painting’s growth trajectory is one to envy—from a small residential painting company to a streamlined, innovative painting powerhouse.

Having a transparent business model works into the company’s long-term advantage. Spanning a range of painting and coating capabilities, the company leads the process from concept to post-project maintenance. Leveraging both pre- and post-construction phases of a project, the company is able to optimize costs and timelines, providing the maximum value to clients.

It ranks 148th on Growth 500 with a 612 percent growth rate and $2-5 million in revenues.

Core Offerings:

  • Painting services for high-rises
  • Painting services for multi-family construction projects
  • Painting services for new home builds

8. All-Pro Services

All-Pro services large energy centers, construction and manufacturing systems, from

A master power engineer and pressure welder, Robert Jang founded All-Pro Services to fulfill the growing demand for certified mechanical and electrical contractors.
He runs a team of 35 certified mechanical, electrical, boiler, gas, and refrigeration engineers for sales, installations, and repairs. The company ranks 149th on Growth 500 with a 603 percent growth rate and $5-10 million in revenues.

Core Offerings:

  • Direct Energy Division
  • Construction Division New Installations
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Specialty Manufacturing
  • Hot Water and Steam Boilers Rentals

9. Regional Fence

Regional Fence excels at high-quality fencing at affordable prices in Ottawa, from

A high-quality fence company, Regional Fence is an Ottawa-based fencing contractor that contracts only with the best manufacturers in the country.

The fence company has a distinguished record of fencing work with quick turnarounds for multi-scale projects. The company’s fence team provides K-Rated, Commercial Grade installation, and high-security fencing services for the Ottawa and Gatineau area.

The fencing contractor specializes in quality fencing of varied types, from wood to custom steel to temporary fencing options.

The company ranks 153rd on Growth 500 with a 588 growth rate and $2-5 million in revenues.

Core Offerings:

  • Commercial and government fences
  • Residential fences
  • High-security fences

10. Woodhouse Group

Alert Labs Inc: Refurbished commercial space at 132 Queen Street, from

From a small family aluminum-siding business to one of Ontario’s largest construction renovation companies, Woodhouse Corp has donned more hats than one can count.
Since becoming a top renovation company, Woodhouse has diversified into disaster restorations, real estate management, and environmental services. The company has closed many large-scale projects, earning it 166th rank on Growth 500 with a 541 growth percentage and $10-20 million in revenues.

Core Offerings

  • General Contracting
  • Environmental
  • Disaster Restoration
  • Real Estate

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