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How to Choose Truly Unique Wedding Bands

The arrival of the wedding season sees many brides and grooms dreaming up different ways to make their big day truly unique. They can be seen trying to get a signature drink to be served at the wedding’s cocktail hour or planning a beautifully choreographed dance to the couple’s favorite song or even featuring memorable sweets from their childhood for their dessert buffet.

There are so many ways that you can put a beautifully personal spin on this timeless tradition, and one way is to choose a unique design or add a bit of personalization to your wedding bands. While the wedding ceremony and celebrations only last for one special day, marriages last a whole lifetime. With the perfect selection of wedding bands and engagement rings, your unique decision will last for a beautiful lifetime!

Unique Wedding Bands

Wedding rings are an ever-present representation of you and your bride’s loving union. They also provide a great opportunity to express your style and personality. These wedding rings don’t just have to be simple wedding bands. As you read ahead, you’re going to see that there are so many ways in which you can make your wedding rings as unique and special as your relationship. Let’s take a look at how you can choose the wedding band of your dreams.

Add Colored Gemstones

Sapphire wedding rings – whether pink, yellow or blue, make up for quite a special and enduring choice. Sapphires are known to be very hard to scratch and hold up beautifully to everyday wear. They can pair exceptionally well with diamonds and work well in a variety of settings. You can also go ahead and choose rings that feature your partner’s birthstone. A birthstone can add a layer of personalization to the ring that no other stone can. This is probably one of the most heartfelt ways of expressing your love to your partner.

Focus on the Details

Wedding bands can also be chosen for their intricate design details such as their nature-inspired motifs or floral patterns. Other than this, you can choose elaborate designs, dual tones of precious metals, or even symbols that represent something special for your relationship. With either of these options, you can go ahead and create a truly personal and unique look.

Choosing the Vintage Route

If you’re planning on opting for a true one-of-a-kind set of rings, then you need to browse through wedding bands that were designed decades ago. These rings often have details that are very uncommon in the selections of modern jewelry stores. These unique details include milgrain, engravings, and often, you will even come across colored gemstones in the mix. There are even some rings out there that feature pearl accents.

Making it Custom

One way to ensure that your ring is truly unique is to create your own custom design for your wedding. There are quite a lot of brides and grooms out there that design their dream rings by simply describing the details to their designers. These designers also have simple step-by-step processes that make it easy and stress-free for you to make very intricate designs.

Create Your Own Personal Twist on Classic Styles

If you find multiple ring designs that you really think are worth your loved one’s finger, then you can make all of them yours by changing or combing elements of those designs. Go ahead and substitute the color of gems or even change the shape of the ring to fit your choice. You may also have the choice of morphing the finish of the rings such as shifting them from high polish designs to matte or even adding some really fine details such as milgrain or engravings.

Opting for Rose Gold

Rose gold is a great choice if you are looking for a bridge between the classic style and the distinctive modern styles. The attractive pink hue of rose gold helps wedding bands truly stand out from the usual choices while its soft warmth particularly suits the modern and sophisticated vintage and romantically inspired rings.

Personalize Your Wedding Rings

For personal and meaningful touches, you can also opt to engrave your wedding rings.

Engraving wedding bands outside or inside with lyrics from your favorite song, the wedding date, a monogram, a fingerprint or even a beautiful quote can prove to be quite memorable. Fingerprint engravings will, however, make the wedding truly unique, and the stylish ring will be a great way of celebrating the individual identity of your partner.

Some people also choose to have prints on the inside of their wedding rings as secret messages or on the outside to make for a unique design. Either way, you can never go wrong here!