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How to Create the Perfect Nursery for Your Baby, Without Breaking the Bank

It’s no secret that having a baby is expensive. You have to think about clothes, food, baby wipes, nappies, nappy bins, toys…and that’s before you even consider the nursery. So is there a way of saving money on at least one of these things? The answer is yes. You can create a beautiful and unique nursery for your little one, without having to break the bank. You just have to be creative.

Consider Colours Carefully

Because you don’t have to pay through the roof prices to put a coat of paint on the wall. The days of nurseries exclusively being painted pinks, blues and yellows are long behind us. We live in the age of neutrality, where minimalism is everything and accessorising is key.

Choosing a tranquil and neutral shade for the base coat on your walls is probably one of the easiest and most flexible ways of making your nursery beautiful, and appropriate for either gender. Creams, earthy and stoney tones are perfect for this. This way you’ll have free reign to accessorise however you see fit, and it gives the room the flexibility to grow with your child. Another plus to sticking to a neutral base, is if you end up looking to quickly sell your house online with this company (because who knows when baby number two will be on the way and you’ll need to upsize?), leaving the room neutral will make for more popularity with buyers so they can do as they please with it.

You could also consider getting creative with a feature wall, if that’s your sort of thing. Whether you’re a budding artist or not, you really don’t have to be the next Vincent Van Gogh to pull off wall art in the nursery, and you certainly don’t have to pay someone to do it for you. Wall decals are an easy and attractive way to achieve the wall art look, that is as reversible as it is easy to apply. A win-win!

Think Thrifty

Not everything in the nursery has to be brand new. Going second hand doesn’t always sound like an appealing option, but it’s not what it used to be. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and with online second hand websites becoming more and more prevalent, there’s no reason not to go second hand.

But going second hand doesn’t have to mean you can’t get unique and stylish furniture for your little one. In fact, it can mean quite the opposite if you’re willing to get creative with it!

For example, if you’re looking at cots brand new, the average will cost you at least around the £100 mark. But if you shop carefully, you could be paying a quarter of the price. If you shop around decent charity shops and online second hand websites, you can get a barely used, practically brand new wooden cot that’s just begging for a makeover. All it’ll need is sanding, painting and glossing. This way you get to choose the colour or colours, any patterns or designs, and can ensure the cot is entirely unique for your little one – for a fraction of the price too. What’s not to love? The same applies for photo frames – picking up an old unwanted photo frame from a second-hand store and giving it a makeover then filling it with family pictures is the perfect way to give your nursery the personal touch.

Effective Accessorising

The basics aren’t the only thing that are important for your babies nursery. Last but certainly not least, accessorising is key to making the nursery feel like home when your bundle of joy arrives.

For example, if you have some left over wood from DIY work, you could paint and varnish it to make a shelf to use for storage.

In regards to bedding, you don’t have to pay designer prices to get cute patterns and quality materials. High street stores will more often than not do copies of designer prints for a small amount of the price. Chances are they’ll do cute blankets that match too! Shop around and DON’T buy the first one you see – there is always another option.

If you’re wanting the nursery to feel magical and cosy, don’t forget about lighting. Night lights are great for little ones, but if you want something a bit different, get creative with fairy lights. Whether you wind them around your curtain rail, or pin them to the wall, fairy lights are the perfect way to bring a little bit of magic into the room, and if they’re battery powered, they won’t drain your energy and are safe to leave on for as long as you desire! Another top tip, is pairing them with net curtains in the window by putting them behind. This is something else that will look expensive, and cost next to nothing.

Remember, you don’t have to break the bank, to create a beautiful little haven for your baby.