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7 Ways to Impress with Basement Development

Are you looking to develop your basement? If your goal is to impress your friends and family, you want to make it feel like an extension of your home rather than an isolated part. Here are seven different things you want to do to get your basement done right.

1. Get the Lighting Right

Basements have the reputation of being dark. Since the space will not get any natural light coming in, you want to make sure you get plenty of lighting installed throughout the basement. Adding lamps, skylights, and dimmers can really transform the space and make the space more comfortable.

2. Make Use of Space Saving Elements

With basement development, you may be dealing with a limited amount of space. This limitation often is what makes homeowners not want to develop their basements in the first place. Lack of space can be resolved with space-saving solutions.

For instance, if you want to use the basement as a guest bedroom, you can install a Murphy bed. It’s a bed that folds up to the wall and takes up no more than the same amount of space a bookshelf does. You can also opt for sofas that fold out to beds.

There are so many different space-saving furniture designs these days. You’ll be surprised by how much you can get out of limited space.

3. Install Enough Electrical Sockets, Heating and Plumbing

Nothing is more annoying than having to rely on the two electrical sockets you have in the corner of your basement. You want to make multiple sockets available throughout your basement, especially if you plan on using electronics or setting up a home entertainment center in the space.

You should also consider setting up plumbing in your basement. This can be either to install a small bathroom or set up a wet bar. This will provide your guests with comfort and add the basic utilities people expect from a normal living space.

As for the heating, it’s going to be important if you plan on spending time in your basement during the winter months. It can get quite cold during the fall and winter without adequate heating.

4. Separate the Space

If you have a large basement, it makes a lot of sense to separate the space with walls. For example, you can section off a center for entertainment and media (TVs, video games, and video conferences). This will prevent the noise from affecting the rest of the basement.

5. Invest in Flooring

A basement will always feel like a basement if you don’t invest in flooring. Some people may opt to stay with a concrete floor to save money. But the difference can be felt and seen by installing actual flooring in your basement.

There are many options that you can go with. Vinyl, hardwood, and ceramic/porcelain tiles all work. Carpet can work as well, but you have to be careful about moisture leading to mould and mildew.

6. Opt for Comfortable Furniture

It’s also important not to skimp on furniture. Remember that the whole point of basement development is to turn it into a livable space. If you bring in an uncomfortable couch or lousy chairs, you’re not going to make people want to spend time in the basement.

You want to make your basement as cozy as possible. It’s not necessary to invest in high-end furniture or your basement, but you must bring in comfortable quality furniture.

7. The Small Details Matter

Homeowners tend to overlook the small details when it comes to basement development, but the small details matter. Using the right colour schemes, adding utility to the basement space, having a good layout, various design accents, and setting up the right furniture choices/accessories are all things that add to the basement space. Of course, these are things that you’ll want to work on after you’ve set the foundation for your basement, but they should not be overlooked.

These seven things can really make a difference when it comes to basement renovations. Stay focused on the fact that the goal of the renovations is to turn your basement into a livable and usable space.