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Top Six Home Security Hacks – Budget Friendly Ideas

Home, Sweet Home! We all genuinely love our home, right? Our house is not only the place where we live, but it’s a place that we build with our dreams.

We lavishly decorate every corner of our house with things that we like and want to see around. Remember, how selective we were while selecting the window curtains or might be the door paint. We even spend time choosing the perfect color for our doormat.

From the curtain rod to the toiletries, from the study table to the bookshelf and from the kitchen chimney to the door lock, we buy the best thing for our home. None of us compromises with the quality of items used inside our dream home. We make our home the most comfortable and secure place to live in.

Keep your home and store safe 24/7 with HD Mask, the military grade surveillance system for your home and storage! This smart system connects your mobile device to its USB camera via WiFi. Designed to be undetectable, it looks and functions exactly like a typical USB charger and allows you to control everything from its powerful app. With a premium HD 1080P motion detection camera, this is definitely the best wireless security camera system you can find on the market at that price.

What is the problem?

Think of a possible situation, if some “unwanted guests” break the door lock or the window pane and come inside to steal your valuables? There might be a situation of an electric short circuit or a gas leak incident that aggravated fire. None of these situations comes under your controllable factors.

Each year more than 3.7 million home burglary takes place globally. The notorious thieves enter your house mostly breaking the door or the window. The loss is not only the valuables but you also loose items that have your emotions attached to it.

It might be an auctioned flower vase or your favourite laptop of your college days. In case of an extremely unfortunate event of catching a fire accidentally, you might lose everything you have inside your home. There are increasing chances that you get yourself burned too.

What is the solution?

It is very important to secure your house and household items with home insurance. As rightly said, your life is precious and your home is precious too, so protection is a must. You can find cheap home insurance from that gives you peace of mind. You get financial protection in case of any property damage as well as family personal accident cover. Protection with house insurance as well as putting Security Hacks for your Home works in collaboration with each other.

Here are the Top Security Hacks for your Home

  • Put high-quality double locks on all your doors and windows to enhance safety and security.
  • Use timer switch to deceive the burglars that someone is inside the house. In general, the burglars are not very brave to attempt an attack when someone is inside.
  • Find a safe and secure place to store the door keys which can be at a little distance away from your house.
  • Use a Quality Safe Box to keep all the valuables and lock them inside. This definitely increases safety vulnerability.
  • Invest in security alarm, smart locks and security cameras as these electronic gadgets play the trick on the burglar and may deceive them.
  • Lastly, look for cheap home insurance and get yourself and your family covered along with your dream home.

The above security hacks not only improve the security of your home but also turn your home into a smart home.

Controlling crime, burglary or unexpected fire is not in our hand. If we increase our awareness level taking added precautions, we can at least cut some financial loss. Follow these top security hacks for your home and make it the most secure place to live in, in real sense!