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8 Thoughtful Gifts Every Strong Woman Needs

We all know that one badass woman who has everything she needs. To those who know her from the outside, it seems she won’t want for anything, and it can be intimidating to ask them what they want because you’ll know she’ll say that she doesn’t want anything. Now you’re in a pickle because you want to give something to her because it’s her birthday or she’s celebrating a joyous occasion in her life as an independent woman.

Don’t go for store-bought items because she probably already has something like that. The way to make a gift more meaningful is to go the extra mile by observing what she loves or is passionate about. You can even ask other people close to her to get more information about her hobbies as well.

Here are some ideas for thoughtful gifts to inspire you.

Luxury Bathrobe

If the strong woman in your life is on the practical side of life, she won’t say it outright, but she will appreciate a luxury bathrobe. It’s one of those gifts she won’t buy for herself, but thank goodness you’re thoughtful enough to think of it.

The soft robe will make her feel like a million bucks and will definitely start her morning the right way as she prepares in the morning to conquer the world—or her work, at least. Here is a list of luxe bathrobes you can choose from.

Decadent Alcoholic Chocolate

Alcohol-infused chocolate? Yes, please. This is for the woman in your life who loves both. Give her a decadent treat for the joyous celebration or anytime you want to. The most popular variant of this item is the combination of red wine and dark chocolate.

Japanese Candy Subscription Box

This is definitely for the candy-loving woman in your life who is a little adventurous. Japan is a fascinating country, and there is a lot the country has to offer—from kawaii culture, its rich history, and the Japanese people’s partiality for seasonal things infused in savory food, candy, and desserts. Consider giving your woman a monthly candy subscription box, so instead of giving them candy as a onetime thing, make it a whole year round.

No candy is ever repeated, so you’ll give her the variety they crave. Japanese food flavors range from normal to weird really quick, so apart from new candy every month, she’ll get a gastronomic surprise from time to time. A little booklet of information will accompany the box, so there’s no need to dread or scurry for translations.

Custom Leather Journal

A strong and independent woman needs to write down her special thoughts and ideas every day, so she may be running out of pages in her current diary. If your loved one is an avid journal keeper, give her something of the leather variety and have it customized to make it one of a kind, just like her. If you happen to know what her favorite color or symbol is, you can incorporate all that in her special journal.

Artisan Honey

Is she a tea drinker, and does she like mixing in honey with it or use honey quite often in a variety of ways? Gift her with special artisan honey as a thoughtful way to let them know that you notice these little details in their life. There are many varieties that you can choose from. Check out your local honey makers, or buy online from luxe organic brands.

Ultimate Comfort Travel Set

For the jet-setting, power lady in your life who travels a lot for work and vacations. A stylish comfort travel set is the perfect gift to give her because it can be uncomfortable to sit still or sleep in planes, trains, or cars.

The cozy comfort travel set should come with an inflatable pillow, an eye mask, and a warm blanket. It should give comfort and protect them from the chill while being portable enough to be carried anywhere.

Fast-Drying, Quiet Hair Dryer

Even though the strong woman in your life isn’t fussy with her morning routine because she’s naturally gorgeous whether she does makeup or not, drying the hair can be another thing. Those with long and thick hair know the struggle of using a hair dryer. Some machines can be bulky, heavy, and noisy, and the length of time needed to dry the hair completely can be really annoying.

The solution to that morning woe is a fast-drying hair dryer that can cut down your usual time for hair drying. A machine that’s quieter is a great perk too.

Injury Prevention Tapes

Alpha females pursue beauty and health and see these aspects as important parts of their lives. Because of this, most of them often push themselves too hard. Worst case scenario: an injury or them hurting themselves. So how do you tell them to be careful without being too obvious and too demanding about it? You can give them sports tapes that’ll help prevent injuries while helping them push their limits further.

Final Word

No matter what the perfect woman in your life says, there’s always something you can get her. It may not be in the form of material things always, but know that anything given from the heart is truly appreciated by her. If that’s the case, a simple hug, a handwritten card, or a cup of coffee or tea together may be the very thing she wants in the world as long as you are there.

What are your thoughtful gift ideas for the special women in your life? Share your answers in the comments below.

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