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Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing Dining Furniture

Your dining room furniture forms an integral part of your home. It is influenced by factors like lifestyle, preferences, space available, budget and many other things. The dining area is more than just a place to sit and dine; it’s where friends and family spend time over dinner and create memories. It is also the place where birthday parties and special occasions are hosted.
Therefore, it is important to research carefully before choosing dining furniture. Read on to find out a few often overlooked essentials to keep in mind before buying new dining furniture.

Measuring Things Up

The most important thing to consider is the size of the dining table. Before you buy your dining table, you need to measure the space in your dining room. A vast room with a small table will look empty and cold, while a compact room with a large table and chairs will look very crowded. So, start by measuring the space you require for your dining table, this will give you an estimate of what size dining table you can have, that will fit the area perfectly.

You will require a painter’s tape to block out the length and width on the floor. Ideally, there should be approx 1-metre space around each side of the table, for people to roam freely in the dining area.

The shape of the Table

Another important thing to consider is the shape of your table. Dining furniture sets come in a lot of shapes – rectangular, square, round, and oval. So, which one is the one for you?

It totally depends on how you are going to use it. Rectangular and square tables are favored for their high functional aesthetics. They fit perfectly in large dining rooms as well as smaller kitchen-diners. They can be placed adjacent to the wall or positioned centrally, with a wide variety of lengths and breadths to fit almost any space. Circular or oval tables are preferred for smaller spaces. They give a little extra space for roaming around because of their lack of corners. With folding leaves, round tables can be stored away compactly when not in use.

The Right Material

The next thing to keep in mind is the material of your dining table. Choosing the right material can be difficult, but it is also the key point in selecting the dining table as it speaks volumes about the style of your house. Glass tables look good for a modern setting, but hardwood can be more durable and last longer. Oak and ash are both strong and durable for dining and come with the option of different finishes. The most recent addition to the market are modern concrete dining tables; they are a good option as they are super durable and provide character.

Choose the material that is a perfect reflection of your personal style and is easy to keep clean.

Dining Chairs

What is the use of a dining table without the perfect chairs around it? You should consider both style and function to get the seating right at your dining table. Chairs around the dining table are the traditional choice of seating, but you can also opt for stools or benches for a quicker option.

Benches are great for kids and can fit more people around the table. Bar stools give a unique and sophisticated look to your dining space. Having said that, solid wood dining chairs in Adelaide offer a stylish option that many prefer. There are many dining ranges available in the market to match your table perfectly.

With endless options in the market, choosing the best dining room furniture can be confusing. Your dining table reflects your interior style and is an expensive investment, so be sure to keep these things in mind before opening your wallet.

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