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12 Fantastic Underrated Places to Visit

It is almost time to book your summer vacation, and it is easy to consider predictable spots, like Mallorca and Crete. These places are packed with tourists and are pretty dull, but in the absence of the imagination, everybody flocks to the run-of-the-mill beaches. You can discover so many destinations, which are both more beautiful and more thrilling than the mainstream locations.

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Colmar, France

Colmar is a small picturesque village that lies right near the German border. Thanks to its many canals, it is sometimes called Little Venice. The houses are built in the half-timber style, and sometimes it is hard to believe that this village is real. You can also find a replica of the Statue of Liberty in this cozy town. The creator of this monument, sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, was born here.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago located off the coast of Brazil. The entire place is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a single large national park. You will find beautiful nature and crystal clear water with sea turtles, corals, and dolphins. Fernando de Noronha is sometimes called the island of dolphins, so if you have ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins, this is a place to do it.

Gdansk, Poland

A weekend trip to Gdansk can be an excellent alternative trip. The city is one of the largest and oldest in Poland, and you can experience both city life and beautiful rural landscapes here. Gdansk is a city full of history, and it has been central to many important events. For example, the Second World War started here. In addition to history and long sandy beaches, Gdansk is worth visiting for its fantastic architecture.

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is a beautiful city in Central America full of colonial architecture. There’s plenty of Instagram potential in this alluring city. Here you can sail on the Lake Nicaragua, visit the dormant volcano Mombacho or treat yourself to an authentic spa.

Genoa, Italy

The colorful city of Genoa, located in northern Italy, often ends up in the shadow of the most famous Italian tourist magnets. If you want to experience something different, you should really try this place. You get the same colorful houses, like on the Amalfi Coast, but fewer tourists. The harbor town is full of outdoor restaurants and bars; if you love Italian cuisine, the city of Genoa is a perfect destination.

Ksamil, Albania

Do you long for white beaches and turquoise waters? Then visit Ksamil in Albania. This country was closed for the outside world for a long time, but now we can enjoy the heavenly beaches and the customs of Albanian people. Discover plenty of historical places to visit. Rent a car and drive through olive and lemon groves. If you want to get a lot for a relatively small amount of money, this place is for you. Albania is similar to its neighboring Greece but is less crowded with tourists.

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is a beautiful medieval town on the coast of Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea. This ancient place is one of the most preserved medieval cities and is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Montenegro’s natural environment is reminiscent of Croatia’s crystal clear waters and limestone beaches.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a fantastic city on the mouth of the river Tejos. Here you can enjoy big city life and, at the same time, be close to the Portuguese Riviera where the resorts of Estoril and Cascais are located. Lisbon is known for its cozy alleys and wonderful cafes. It is also Europe’s cheapest capital, so you can enjoy it even with a limited budget.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

If you are looking for a unique and exciting destination, head to Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. Located between Croatia and Italy, Slovenia is usually unnoticed. Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, canals, and exquisite buildings. Ljubljana is somewhat reminiscent of Amsterdam because you can freely travel by boat or a bicycle here. The most significant difference is that in Ljubljana, there are significantly fewer tourists.


Mozambique is a real paradise. Discover a 1200 mile long coastline with wonderful beaches. If you want an outlet for your adventurous side, you can try sea kayaking or exploring the fantastic dive sites. Also, take the opportunity to visit the city of Maputo, a Portuguese colonial city with many awesome marketplaces and great food.

Mostar, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

Mostar is located in southern Bosnia-Herzegovina and is divided by the river Neretva. The beautiful bridge Stari Most ties together the city with a fascinating history. Everywhere in the city, you will find buildings from the Ottoman Empire times, and several churches and mosques are located in the old town. The best reasons to visit Mostar are to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the warm climate.

Zhangjiajie, China

You must see the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park with your own eyes. A forest full of sandstone peaks. The park is located in the south-central part of China in Hunan Province. Zhangjiajie is not really underrated, but still, it is far from China’s biggest attraction, the Great Wall of China. However, the park got a boost after the movie Avatar came out, a big part of the extraterrestrial world was inspired by the mountain landscapes of Zhangjiajie.