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Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2021

By Milda Urbonaite

It’s always fun to look to the future and get excited about things like summer fashion. 

Yes, fashion is always one step ahead, and even though we’re only entering winter, the spring and summer 2021 fashion trends are out. 

Men’s fashion is just as impactful as women’s, even though sometimes it doesn’t get as much attention. 

Let’s change that and look at the men’s fashion trends for spring and summer 2021. Before you move ahead you will love to check Luxury Knitwear for Men.

Utility pieces

There’s nothing new about safari jackets, cargo pants, utility pockets, and military references in fashion. What’s new for the next season is the luxurious and chic fabrics, shiny elements, and eye-catching accessories. 

You’ll be seeing some luxe animal prints, crocodile leather jackets, and vibrant colors. Talk about futuristic jungle vibes. 

Essential minimalism

Not into that? No worries. Functional, minimal, clean, and tailored pieces are going to be everywhere too.

Simple clothes will provide the needed relief to clear our minds and immediate environment. There was just so much noise, and we’d love to immerse ourselves in the sweet simplicity. 

Bold style

Bold cuts, shapes, and silhouettes dominated the catwalk and will come to city streets as well. 

Oversized jackets, sweaters, suits, and layers are dominant in women’s and men’s fashion. 

Various prints

Graphics and prints are going strong, as well as various monograms and embellishments. 

According to GQ magazine, florals will be big overall. With digitized takes on Aloha prints and ephemeral interpretations of the form coming to the fore, florals have never looked fresher.

What’s also fun is that we’ll see many mixed patterns, which is sometimes unusual for the eye. Think animal print pants and a tie-dye top or floral shirt with bright striped trousers. 

Street style

Street fashion is always in, and the fashion brands recognize that.

In summer 2021, expect to see even more streetwear influences. predicts various utility elements, fanny packs, straps, caps, and a lot of nylon. 

With nostalgia stronger than ever in these challenging times, there are many nods to the 90s style too. 

Soft colors

If you love fashion, but feel like the bright prints may not be for you, don’t worry. Another trend for spring/summer 2021 is soft earth and pastel tones. 

We’re talking blues, pinks, greens, light, mustard, seafoam, and washed-out browns. It’s always great to leave black and grey behind after the winter, isn’t it?

Nautical style

Old as time, this style always reminds us of the summer breeze and worry-free days on the beach. 

It’s an easy one to catch up to as well, just add a cable knit sweater, navy blue pants, classic striped shirts, and you’re good to go, captain!

Trench coats

If you still don’t have a trench coat, you’ll have to get one this spring! 

And forget something old and boring. Combined with the pastel trend, earth colors, dusty rose, seafoam green, or light blues are the way to go.

If you want to be even more on point, choose an oversized coat and pair it with accessories such as a bold print scarf.

Statement shirts

As you may have noticed, creativity is going full steam this season, and it spilled over to the everyday shirts as well. 

Get ready to purchase at least one statement shirt and pair it with simple trousers or shorts.

80s suits

Did we mention nostalgia? It’s going strong and bold with the oversized 1980s double-breasted suits. And that’s not all – these suits come in all the brightest colors and patterns.

It definitely takes, ahem, the courage to sport one to work. But if you’re like us and can’t wait to get out of the house and show off in a big way, you need this! 

Bermuda shorts

Shorts just above the knee, otherwise known as Bermudas, are back, and we love it. 

Summery and comfortable, they will come in soft hues and pair so well with the statement shirt or a simple, high-quality t-shirt such as the ones from

Add some cool footwear (white sneakers, dad sandals, or simple loafers), and you’re ready for the hottest party of the summer!