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Best Magnetic Lashes: Are They Worth It?

Magnetic lashes seem to be all of the rage, but are they worth it? While magnetic lashes can take some time to get used to, they offer many benefits that mascara or a traditional false eyelash do not have. They are easily reused to make your eyelashes pop day after day. Below are some other reasons that make magnetic lashes worth it.


The usual glue on eyelashes can be reused if they are properly cleaned. However, they usually are filled with gunk from the glue that is left behind from the original application. Because they can be a nuisance to clean, many people don’t find it worth it and instead just throw them away. The great thing about magnetic lashes is that because there is no glue, there is no mess that you have to clean. You can simply remove the lash from your eye, store it in a safe place, and use it again another day. Since they are reusable you can save money on your lashes and feel good about a product that will last you more than once.

Stay All Day

There is nothing more frustrating than being halfway through your event and your fake eyelash is flopping in the wind. This can happen if you have a faulty application, you were hit by a strong gust of wind, you rub your eyes, or even if the glue wasn’t great quality. With a magnetic lash that is not something that you have to worry about. The best magnetic lashes with stay in place all day and ensure that nothing comes between you and your flawless lashes. Magnetic lashes can give you peace of mind because the last thing you should be worried about is if your eyelash is going to fall off of your eye.

Easy to Apply

The best magnetic lashes are easy to apply. Sure, there is a learning curve for many when it comes to perfectly placing the eyelashes on your line. You have to make sure they are close to your water line to make it look as natural as possible. However, once you get used to the new mechanism, it makes applying your false magnetic lashes a breeze. Also, compared to traditional glue-on lashes, it is much easier to fix a mistake. With glue, you may have to completely restart the process and the glue makes it difficult to move the lash around. With a magnetic pair of lashes, you simply have to detach the magnets and reattach to get the perfect fit. Once you get over the hump of learning how to use magnetic lashes, it will be a very simple process that will save you precious time while you are getting ready.

Painless to Remove

A huge pain about traditional lashes is the discomfort of removing the lash from your eye. You are essentially ripping the eyelash from glue off of a very sensitive part of your eye. Naturally, it will cause some pain, so it is a huge relief when you switch to magnetic lashes that you no longer have to deal with that sensation. The magnets on the lash simply separate without pulling your hairs or skin around your eye. Magnetic lashes are especially great if you have eyes that are sensitive to the adhesive, which can cause additional irritation. It seems very worth it to remove the pain of beauty and still get fabulous results.

Overall, if you care to want to save money, improve your makeup look, have an effortless application, and remove the idea that “pain is beauty”, then magnetic lashes will meet your needs. Magnetic eyelashes are a wonderful innovation that is truly revolutionizing the falsies game.