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Camping Planning Guide for The Perfect Camping Trip

Camping is the best way to escape from the routine busy life of the city and get close to the nature. It’s also beneficial for our physical and mental health improvement. Life experience outside our comfort zone improves our problem-solving skills as well as meeting with new people increase our confidence level and develop our personality. Camping provides the best chance to spend time with our loved ones and a great way to reduce stress level. According to research, close to nature reduce our depression level.

If you are new to camping and want to plan a camping trip, don’t worry, basic guidelines to make your trip perfect are given below:

  • First of all, decide your favorite outdoor activities like fishing, biking, hiking, swimming, build sand sculptures, water skiing, tug of war, card game, capture the flag, hide and seek, photographing, look for wildlife, star gazing, and many others
  • Now think about the number of group members and their varying interests. Choose the activities and a place that everyone will be happy with.
  • Bathroom, electric supply and freshwater are not always available on-site, so also consider these factors before planning.
  • The tent is a key piece of our camping gear. Choose right tent according to your group members and weather conditions! For example, if there is rain then you will need waterproof tent. And if your group members are more then you may need best 8 person tent or 10 person tent according to your group members.
  • Don’t bring every possible piece of gear with you. Your camping gear collections mostly depend on the camping place and stay time on the trip. So make a wise collection and keep your tour simple.
  • Check your vehicle correctly and make sure that its breaks and tire condition are excellent. Camping sites mostly away form markets and workshops. You cannot afford a breakdown of your car during the trip
  • Make sure campsite is readily available. In peak session time, places with best views are already book. So choose the site and reserve the spot online in advance.
  • When we plan a camping trip, meal preparation is the most favorite activity that we all like to do. Sometimes it seems difficult to cook outside, but we can cook all easily with the right choice of tools and proper planning. Preparing some things at home can save our time and effort in the outdoor.
  • Be sure you carry essential kitchen items like fire-starter, cooking oil, salt, pepper, knife, utensils, pot, pans, dishes, cups and charcoal or Propane grill for camping BBQs.
  • Avoid taking perishable food with you. If your menu requires perishable food then use portable cooler to save the feed. Plan of the first-day meal should be simple because the first day many other arrangements need more focus.
  • Keep your smartphone laptop and tablet in the car; don’t take them out because you are here to enjoy nature.

Camping Checklist:

It’s a good practice to have a camping checklist on hand, so you don’t forget any essential thing behind. How to prepare a checklist here are few necessities

  • Confirm, have we arranged a proper tent according to group members and weather conditions.
  • Have suitable Inflatable sleeping bags and mattresses.
  • Carry portable drinking water for your trip.
  • Flashlight, extra charging batteries and mobile charger make your tour safe and easy.
  • Folding chairs and tables.
  • Which kitchen items are most suitable for outdoor meal.
  • Cooking grill.
  • Plastic bags for food packing.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Waterproof clothes, t-shirts, shorts, pants, warm clothes, swimwear.
  • Carry trash bags to collect your garbage and keep the environment clean.
  • Personal care items like toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, soap, nail cutter, a travel makeup kit.
  • Football, Frisbee, cards and other games you like.
  • Camera to store memories.
  • Essential gear related to rain.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, sunhat.
  • Choose the best shoe type that is appropriate for the place where you plan to camp.
  • Your camping gear collection intensely depends on site where you are camping.
  • First aid kit help you deal with minor injuries.