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Can DNA Testing Really Help You Lose Weight?

DNA tests are incredibly popular these days. People are buying home testing kits and paying for services to find out their ancestry, paternity, family medical history, and many other things.

But what many you might be concerned with is, can a DNA test help you lose weight? The short version of that answer would be yes. Now you can go on to CRI Genetics and get your DNA tested. But if you would like to dig a little deeper more before paying, then keep on reading.

What Is The Connection Between Genetics And Weight Loss?

Even without ever looking at any scientific studies, you might have noticed that some people have certain traits in their family. It’s common to see an entire family of overweight, skinny, broad built, and other types of people. That, somewhat, illustrates a connection between health or fitness and genetics.

Fortunately, there is a reasonable amount of scientific evidence to back the fact that DNA has a relationship with your health.

However, you need to understand that a person’s DNA keeps changing. There is a process that goes on inside every cell called gene regulation. In that process, your cells keep turning parts of your genetic material on and off. Also, the process is primarily impacted by external factors, such as environment, age, and lifestyle.

That means your DNA might only be able to show risks of something happen. For instance, your DNA health test might reveal that you have a chance of developing lactose intolerance, overloading iron levels, or having high cholesterol.

How Can Your DNA Help You Lose Weight?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single gene that can say something about your ability to lose weight. That would be very easy and simple. But instead, you will have to test for multiple traits and develop a weight loss plan.


Your diet is among the most critical factors that will contribute to your weight loss. That is why you must find out the best diet for your body since your DNA is unique.

Genetic testing can help you understand various things about the right diet for your body. In fact, many people find out that the “weight loss diet” they are currently on is actually not helping them reach their goals at all.

Your DNA test can also give you an understanding of certain nutrients that you should have more, and what you should try to stay away from. But if it shows no risks or abnormalities for anything, then you might be recommended a simple, balanced diet consisting of healthy major compounds

Exercise, Recovery Rate, and Risk of Injuries

Similar to dietary requirements, every person needs to have a tailored workout plan to match their needs.
A DNA test can help you understand how fast you can lose weight. That can help you figure out the intensity of your training, and the groups you should target more.

But to help you exercise better, your DNA test can also help you understand two main things:

Rate of Recovery

Your exercise plan greatly depends on the recovery period. The reason is that your body needs to get plenty of rest to heal, and develop.

Your DNA health test can help you identify your rate of recovery. According to the results, you can plan your exercising and resting periods.

Risk of Injuries

There is a considerable risk of injuries happening during exercises. But some people are more prone to getting injured while working out than others. Your DNA can also show your risk of injuries.
With a better understanding of the areas at risk, you can take better care and work towards reducing your weight.

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