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4 Tips for Creating a Blogging on Instagram

It is not hard to begin a blog on Instagram. Interestingly, you can start a blog in less than an hour on Instagram. When you share information via small posts on Instagram, it is referred to as microblogging. People are now fast shifting from actual blogs that are hosted on websites to microblogging. For blogging on Instagram you do not have to deal with things such as web design, web hosting and penning down lengthy content.

Blogging on Instagram has several benefits. Let us talk about a few advantages it offers for you.

  • Sharing Ideas With A Bigger Audience- When you blog on Instagram you are able to disseminate your ideas across a wider audience. Also, when you partner with various brands, you get an opportunity to be paid for your posts. Some people buy likes as this augments the reach of their blogs.


  • Easier And More Convenient As Opposed To Other Mediums- Microblogging precludes the necessity of handling a website or posting 500+ word articles. All you need to do is just share your thoughts on whatever you want and maintain a consistent stream of thought. Microblogging is a wonderful way to get followers on Instagram.


  • Ensures Cross Channel Engagement- Blogging on Instagram facilitates cross channel engagement. For instance, if a person sees several pictures, they can click through your account and begin to follow you. This way people from one channel can reach people on other mediums.


  • Smarter- Microblogging is in vogue. People have no time to spend hours reading an article. They would rather look at a blog on Instagram, get the gist of the whole thing and then get enlightened on a topic.

However, nothing comes without a spate of drawbacks.

  • Limited Knowledge Of User Behaviour

One of the biggest disadvantages of microblogging is that Google analytics or other analytics platforms cannot delve into knowing what people like and what they don’t. So, basically the insight you get regarding user behaviour is relatively limited.

  • No Ownership Over Information- If Instagram gets shut down or your account gets hacked you will lose all information. So, technically you do not have any ownership over the content that you post on Instagram. With a website the advantage is that you can get back things in case they get lost. If information gets deleted on Instagram account it is lost forever.

Build A Business Account on Instagram

If you wish to blog on Instagram you have to create a business account. Turn your personal account into a business account. With a business account you will be able to see the demographics of your followers. You will also be able to know the reach of every post that you make.

Instagram undoubtedly is a tool that can be used to promote your work and brand. The platform helps to expand the client base. It is vital to be regular with your posts so that you stay connected with your audience.