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How To Choose The Best Cracked Heel Cream?

Foot cream must moisturize the feet without leaving them slippery or oily. Select a cream that is effective against cracked and dry heels, having ingredients that deeply moisturize. Creams having antibacterial ingredients help in reducing the foot odours and creams with anti-inflammatory properties, help in controlling the swelling due to painful and overworked feet like the Primrose Valley Naturals. 

Neem or Karanja oil – If your feet are dry and cracked or flaky then select a foot cream with neem or Karanja oil. These substances are considered as the best way to improve the condition of dry feet. Karanja oil heals dry skin and is used on other conditions such as ulcers on skin and dandruff. Neem oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which helps to eliminate athlete’s foot. Neem and Karanja oils are both natural. Always prefer foot cream having natural ingredients as they are less likely to irritate sensitive skin. 

Peppermint – it is a common ingredient of cream as it is suitable for sensitive skin and is preferred for the cooling sensation it gives to hot, tired feet. 

Shea butter – it is another natural ingredient, is absorbed deep into the skin easily and locks moisture into the feet. It has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the swelling of sore feet. Foot cream having urea is also the best. Urea is absorbed deep into the skin of the feet and can penetrate hard skin to soften it. It helps in reducing cracking and freaking and can treat conditions like Eczema, keratosis and cons.

Select a foot cream that is absorbed quickly into the skin and does not leave the feet greasy. Creams that make the feet sticky will give an unpleasant feeling when you put on your socks and shoes. Sticky and thick creams also cause the feet to sweat more and encourage bacteria to flourish. 

Tea tree oil – foot cream having ingredients like tea tree oil and Eucalyptus oil help to remove bacteria on the feet due to their antibacterial properties. Bacteria on the feet may result in foot odour because of the waste products the bacteria produce. Creams with natural and pleasant scents like lavender also help in controlling foot odour. You can ask the local beauty store about the foot creams that are popular at the moment. Hypoallergenic creams are very popular because they avoid irritation. If your heels are badly cracked and bleeding, visit the doctor as medicated foot cream provides the best result for you. 

Mint or eucalyptus oil – foot creams having Eucalyptus oil or mint are preferred. Mint scented foot cream is cool, it is great for tired and burning feet and it also fights odours so use it every night before going to bed. 


The best foot cream has natural moisturizers such as coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, beeswax, and coconut butter. Do not go for foot creams with only glycerine. Glycerine is good, it keeps moisture in, but it does not do much for the dry skin. In the case of calluses, there are callus creams having enzymes that break the dead skin. Good callus creams contain moisturizers in them but you may like to get a separate moisturizing foot cream also.