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Perfect Waterproof And Timber Flooring Solutions In Perth

A perfect hard floor solution for your new Perth home or renovation starts with a conversation with a flooring specialist. Our customer service team have the product knowledge to be able to explain today’s high tech efficient flooring systems to you and help you make an informed decision for your new floor. As a SPC hybrid waterproof flooring and Woodpecker flooring Perth based supplier, we focus on luxury affordable flooring selected for durability, quality and elegance.

By visiting our showroom you will also be able to explore the biggest range of timber laminate flooring Perth City affords. Any home will have intimate zones compatible with the quiet warmth of carpeting, such as the bedrooms. But many of the more serviceable spaces and high traffic areas will benefit most from the timeless beauty of an impervious hard flooring solution.

Let’s examine a few of the choices when it comes to the rich look of timber for your floor. The SPC hybrid waterproof flooring is an amazing engineered timber-look product, designed to combine several advanced qualities in one premium manufactured board. Despite the appearance of natural timber, this hardwearing board is a sustainably produced hybrid of stone and polymers. The manufacturers of the SPC range have achieved global acceptance due to features such as noise-reducing cork base layers, scratch and fade resistant ceramic film top coat, and ease of installation. The eight-colour designer palette, the lifetime warranty and the surprising affordability of the hybrid waterproof flooring make it an extremely popular choice with homeowners.

Woodpecker Flooring Perth is another attractive option, especially for those who demand environmentally ethical real and natural timber. Woodpecker provides forestry certified and sustainably sourced exclusive timbers and bamboos, including European Oak and Australian native species. Discerning buyers know that genuine wood is unmatched for beauty and refinement, and they will be pleasantly surprised by Woodpecker’s industry-beating 25 and 30 year warranties. A Woodpecker board will not warp or spring, and is backed by one of the most respected flooring companies in the world.

For the widest possible choice selection, and the best value for a high class flooring investment, it has to be the timber laminate flooring Perth residents love. Using a clip system for installation ease, DIY enthusiasts appreciate the range of board sizes, colour choice and the low cost of our high quality laminate flooring. Fade proof, resistant to UV damage, pet proof and designed to look stunning, a laminate floor can lay straight over most surfaces for a quick finish. Whether you need to solve an allergy problem, a floor cleaning problem, a durability problem or you just want an easy-care floor, timber laminate flooring is the solid quality standard you are looking for.

We love to look after our customers, so don’t make a flooring choice without chatting to our friendly consultants first. Your floor deserves the best and smartest solution our experienced staff can recommend. Our relationships with suppliers and buying power means better value for you, so feel free to visit us today.