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How to Choose the Best Deck Builder in Your Area

Are you looking for a deck builder in your area to either build you a great new deck or replace your existing one? Type ‘best deck contractors near me,’ and you will get tens of results, which will make selecting one overwhelming, especially if you do not know what to look for in a reliable deck builder. However, you can use a few tips to get a deck building contractor that will fit your specifications and deliver your desired results.

Start by knowing exactly what you want and how much you are willing to spend

Knowing what you want and how much you are willing to spend will help you find a contractor that is more likely to deliver what you want. Most decks Long Island builders have specialties and portfolios, and it will be better to get one that has plenty of experience in building the kind of deck you have in mind and using the right materials. You also want to define your budget within a reasonable range so that you may negotiate and avoid getting frustrated with a halfway built deck.

Ask friends, neighbors, and relatives

Do you know of anyone with a deck that is so remarkable you want one exactly like it? They are the best person to recommend a deck contractor that is reliable. A family member or neighbor can help you find a great contractor and what you will expect; how they work, the common fees, deck building permits, and many other aspects. They can also recommend a deck builder that they trust and thus help you build up a list of them.

Put together a list of deck contractors

The deck construction professional that your friends and family recommend may not be the perfect list, which is why you should consider expanding your list by doing a personal and objective search. You can flip through the phonebook for reliable local deck contractors, do an online search for builders with excellent reviews, or refer to a local classified ad for deck companies. The longer the list of contractors, the better, as you increase the chances of getting a contractor that is right for you.

Do your research

Start to determine which among the many contractors on your list is worth your time and money by carrying out a thorough research on each of them. Building a deck is a resource-consuming endeavor that you want to do right the first time, so ensure that you investigate the contractors thoroughly. An online search is a great place to start, as any deck builder in this day and age that is worth their salt will have an online presence. A contractor without at least a Facebook page is most likely a scammer out to steal money from unsuspecting clients. You also want to check for evidence that the deck contractor is licensed and insured.

Their website should look professional, with a logo, core values, and a list of the deck services they provide. It should also have contacts to a reliable customer service desk, which you should call or email. If this call is met by a generic answer rather than a professional one with the contractor’s name, this may be a red flag. Also, pay attention to how the person on the other end interacts with you. The customer support professional should ask clarifying questions and seem interested to bring your vision to life. If they seem standoffish and do not seem to know their way around decks and construction, cross them off your list.

What are other people saying about the contractor?

An online search on review websites like Angie’s List and Yelp will reveal what previous clients of the deck builders on your list experienced. If you do not find any reviews, it may be a good sign, as happy clients rarely leave a review. However, if you see negative reviews on such trusted sites, then cross the company off the list. Another place to find reviews would be on social media, the Better Business Bureau, and consumer blogs.

Visit the company’s physical address

A visit to the deck contractor’s offices is the best way to get a real view of the contractor’s approach to work, organizational culture, and capacity to deliver. It will also be a chance to meet a construction professional, discuss your ideas, and request to view a portfolio of their work. You can also ask to call or email at least five former clients, who will provide a one-on-one account of their experience.


Finding a deck repair company or deck contractor is relatively easy with the tips above. Keeping in touch with the contractor you choose will also make the construction process more seamless.

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