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Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Wood Minneapolis

Reclaimed wood is wood from old establishments such as barns, buildings, houses, and also wooden items such as barrels and boxcars. It’s reused for a different purpose. It’s not a new concept in this century since there’s been a lot of reclaimed wood available in the market nowadays. Using reclaimed wood has lots of benefits, including:

It’s Eco-Friendly

The most obvious benefit of using reclaimed wood is it’s eco-friendly. Because instead of cutting down more trees, you use old wood. You won’t be using a natural resource that takes years to grow fully. Trees usually take 10-15 years to fully mature while some take as long as 50 years. If the rate of people cutting down trees is much faster than they grow, then sooner or later, there’ll be no more trees to use.

Companies like Manomin Resawn Timbers offer reclaimed wood you can use for different purposes such as flooring, paneling, or tabletops. If you’re passionate about the environment, consider using reclaimed wood. These days, people have been exhausting natural resources which could be detrimental for future generations. Because of this using reclaimed wood is a great option to keep in mind.

It’s Durable

The grain of new wood is less dense than reclaimed wood, which means that it has a high tendency to split or break. Reclaimed wood can provide more stability, durability, and strength than any new lumber you’ll find on the market because it mostly came from old-growth trees.

Reclaimed wood has stood the test of time. Over the years, the wood would have experienced hot and cold temperatures causing it to expand and contract. It’s already dried out throughout its years which gives it a sturdier structure. If it breaks quickly, it’s not a great option to use.

It Has More Character

Reclaimed wood can last for several years which means it’s been through a lot. This in turn, can give it a character that no new lumber has. It could have depth and character which it’s developed over the years. This is why no two pieces can be precisely the same making whatever you’re using it for standout.

You can use reclaimed wood to renovate your backyard. Make your yard more interesting with the unique characteristics of old wood. The rough texture, irregular shapes, notches, knots, nail holes could give your yard a rustic feel to it with different centerpieces. It could be the overall theme, or you could use it for accents to highlight particular areas.

It Has History

For something that’s been around for several years, you can expect a bit of history behind it. It’s not merely a piece of lumber from a tree in a forest. It could have been a part of something that was before your time. For people who love history, reclaimed wood could be an interesting part of your house.

You can ask for the origin of the reclaimed wood you’ll be using. For all you know, it could have been part of a historic building that housed important people in history. It could be an interesting topic for when guests come over. It could also be a point of pride, especially those that came from historical buildings.

It’s Wider

As mentioned, it takes years for a tree to fully mature, and because of the demand of lumber these days, people cut down trees before they reach maturity. It means that the planks are not as wide as before because the trees are still young and may not have grown fully.

Reclaimed Wood Minneapolis is from fully mature trees. It’s because the trees back then grew because the demand wasn’t as high as it is today. They had time to grow before people even touched them.

You Give the Wood New Life and Preserve History

By using reclaimed wood, you give it a new life. Instead of being thrown and forgotten, you give it a different purpose. It’s not an ugly piece of garbage that you leave to rot. Instead, it has the opportunity to provide beauty to your surroundings.

If it has an interesting history, you also preserve that story. It could be from an old family house or barn which is passed down from generation to generation. Even if you tore down the old house, you’ll still be preserving its materials that you could use for a new home. In that way, you also retain the memory of your ancestors.

Final Thoughts

So you see, reclaimed wood gives you a lot of benefits not just for you, but for the environment and the people who used to own it too. You also have to remember that not everyone can have reclaimed wood because it’s a limited resource, and sooner or later there may be no more structures to get them from, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Are you going to build something from reclaimed wood?

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