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What Is the Ultimate Statement Piece for Your Living Room?

Is your living room missing something? An awesome statement piece can really make a room come together when done correctly.

In this guide, we’re exploring all the ways to add amazing statement pieces into your living room for a total living room upgrade. Keep reading to find the perfect piece that will make your place pop!

Charming Chandeliers

A sparkling chandelier doesn’t have to be reserved for fancy dining rooms. We love using a chandelier as a statement piece in the living room because it’s unexpected, and such a fun way to play with lighting.

We love an all-white chandelier with minimal glitter for open, modern spaces. Try a colored chandelier, such as teal or sage, which can then act as the complementary color in this space.

Mirror, Mirror

A great way to make a statement that will take up minimal space is a decorative or oversized mirror. An oversized mirror will make your place look much bigger and more open. We love the trend we’re seeing of leaning a massive mirror against the wall for a different way to display that will give a floor to ceiling appeal.

For a mirror that will glitter, try a mirror with an embellished gold frame. An oval shape is a great idea for a unique look. Make sure the frame of your mirror matches the metal accents used elsewhere in the room.

Welcome Wall

If your bored with your living room surroundings, a great way to jazz things up is by having a statement wall.

Paint one wall a bold, contrasting color, or put up a fun wallpaper. An accent or statement wall is a great way to do something a little different with your living room space. A fun patterned wallpaper can add some life to your space.

We love this idea because if you get sick of your accent wall, you can always paint over it. Another way to make a fun statement wall is to include a collage of framed photos, prints or art on one wall for a personalized look.

Fill Your Living Room With Life

What better way to make this space come alive than adding lively sea creatures? An aquarium can be a great way to create interest and color in your living room space.

Whether it is built-in or not, this is a great way to create conversation in your home.

We especially love this idea for nautical homes, the aquariums will work so nicely with this theme. Don’t worry, if you move, you can take the tank and your fish friends with you using aquarium movers.

Add a Statement Piece to Transform Your Space

Adding a statement piece to your living room is a sure way to revamp your space, and add interest to the setting. There’s something for every style and living room decor theme with this helpful guide. Shop around for the perfect statement piece for your living room today!

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