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What Color Roof Should I Get for My House?

The average home’s roof should last about 30 years in the United States.

Fixing up damaged areas and replacing old shingles with new ones can help when you notice damage, but what should they look like?

You may be asking yourself… “what color roof should I get for my house?”
Continue reading to discover the best type of roof color for your home and all of the factors to consider.

1. Consider Your Climate

If you live in an area that is warm most of the year, you may want to consider getting light shingles.

Light-colored shingles can help by deflecting the sun, making the house cooler. Following these roof maintenance tips can also help keep the sun from heating your home too much.

Examples of lighter-colored roofs to go with are tan, light gray, and cream. If you have a dark home that needs to be lightened up, light colors are your best option.

Dark gray and black shingles, however, are perfect for cold climates. They can help attract heat and warm up your home. Many people use dark shingles in the north to help melt ice and snow off of the roof.

When ice, snow, and water accumulate on the roof, you can put it at risk for water damage. The dark-colored shingles can help attract light and evaporate moisture to prevent damage before it begins.

Brown, black, and dark red are a couple of examples of colors that you can get for your home.

2. What Color Roof Should I Get for My House to Match?

Something important to consider when picking out a roof color is the exterior of your home.

It would not be good if you spent thousands of dollars on an upgrade, only to find out that your roof doesn’t match the siding or front of the home. Sometimes brick colors, wood, and unique colored shingles can contrast with other aspects of the house.

Tan roofs are perfect for red and brown brick houses. They also match perfectly with wooden cabins!

If you have a red home the best colors that match for roof shingles are dark brown, gray, green, and black. Homes with a lighter exterior, such as beige and light gray, match well with green, blue, and black rooftops.

You must consider the look of your home so that you don’t make a tacky mistake.

3. You Can Go Bold or Be Subtle

Renovating the home is an exciting project. Depending on how your home looks, you may be wanting to make a dramatic change.

Getting bright colors that are uncommon for rooftops can be a great way to stand out and be bold. You must be aware of neighborhood policies before making any large changes.

If you feel that your home looks nice from the outside, you can go with a simple color that will blend in with the house. If you have a home that is already bold with red siding and white shutters, you should consider going a more subtle route. A brightly colored home should have a simple roof.

Sometimes, however, you may live in a house that doesn’t have much character. When this is the case, getting a bold rooftop can make your home more unique and appealing to the eyes.

Homes covered in a light brick can benefit from a red or even tin roof. A tin roof is perfect for when you want to make a statement and listen to the rain!

4. Does the Neighborhood Have Restrictions?

Some neighborhoods and communities have rules about the colors that can be used on the exterior of homes.

The homeowner’s association and subdivision covenants can enact rules for their community. Many of these rules are meant to keep the general appearance of the area up and appealing.

Often, when these rules are violated, a person may have to pay a fine and remove, or fix, the unapproved area.

When picking a color for your roof, it may not be a bad idea to ask someone in these organizations, “what color roof should I get for my house?” They may be able to help give you samples or allow you to go with something different from the rest of the homes.

Being transparent with the organizations that run your neighborhood is important.

Otherwise, it can lead to further expenses. If you don’t live in a neighborhood or have any restrictions, you are free to select whatever color you want.

5. Pick Your Favorite

At the end of the day, unless you are renting, you own your home and can select the color.

Even when there are restrictions set in place, you will likely have a couple of options to choose from. Going for a drive and looking at other homes, or you can simply go online, can help inspire you.

Don’t feel limited to any one color when updating your home. Not only will you be getting an updated and secure rooftop, but you can also change the entire appearance of your home.

Go with your gut and select the color that you feel most comfortable and satisfied with.

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You Can Have the Best Roof on the Block

Are you still wondering, “what color roof should I get for my house?”

If so, you can utilize this guide to help pick the best choice for your home and neighborhood. One of the most significant differences in the colors of roofs is that some can help keep your home warm, while others keep it cooler.

Depending on the color of your house, you will want to find a rooftop that matches the home exterior. Don’t be afraid to ask people for recommendations and look for examples.

You may discover a unique color combination that makes your home unforgettable.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles with tips on improving the appearance of your home and fixing it up!