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Truth, Myths, and Misconceptions about Botox

Even though Botox is now the most popular cosmetic treatment used around the world, plenty of myths and misconceptions still swirl around it. Many judge Botox based on one bad review or even on a sitcom they saw over a decade ago. By separating fact from fiction, you can understand better if Botox is the right choice for you and can feel safe and secure about the choice you have made.

Myth: Botox is a toxin in the body.

Botox is a toxin in the body.
Fact: While Botox is made from botulinum, it always comes from a very pure source. It is purified carefully before it is sold in sterile vials for use by your practitioner. In addition, you can feel confident in this treatment because it has been FDA-approved for around two decades. This means that it has the government’s stamp of approval on its safety. In addition, keep in mind that only the smallest possible dosage is used beneath your skin. This is such a small amount of Botox that it cannot possibly be considered to be dangerous.

Myth: Botox is for all types of wrinkles.

Botox is for all types of wrinkles
Fact: Actually, Botox is designed for expression lines, which are those light lines and wrinkles that only form when you are making a facial expression. When your face is still, these lines will fade from your skin. Botox should not be used on deep wrinkles known as static wrinkles that have etched their way into your skin over years of use. However, by using Botox early on your expression lines, you can prevent static wrinkles from forming.

Myth: Botox will make your face appear frozen.

Botox will make your face appear frozen
Fact: The “frozen face” is one of the biggest Botox myths of all. Years ago, some treatments were performed that left patients unable to make genuine-looking expressions afterwards. Today, practitioners know exactly how much Botox to use to smooth away wrinkles without freezing the muscles in the face completely. Botox is only applied to the very surface muscles so that they cannot contract and wrinkle the skin lying over them.

Myth: Using Botox means that you are vain about your looks.

sing Botox means that you are vain about your look
Fact: Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have used Botox for their wrinkles as well as for other issues, such as excessive sweating and even headaches. However, even if you are only using it for your skin, you are not vain to want youthful skin that makes you appear happy and well-rested.

Myth: Botox is a painful treatment.

Botox is a painful treatment
Fact: According to NewSkin Laser, a center for Botox in Thousand Oaks and Northridge, Botox is actually a fast, easy, convenient treatment. You can opt to have a topical anesthetic applied to your skin 30 minutes before your treatment time. However, even without any anesthetic, you should feel nothing more than a small pinch with each injection.

Myth: Botox is a permanent solution.

Botox is a permanent solution
Fact: No cosmetic treatment is truly permanent because nothing can stop the aging process completely. However, unlike facelifts, Botox must be repeated every three to four months if you want to continue seeing the same results. If you stop treatments, you will see your old lines come back over time, and you may eventually see new wrinkles form.

Of course, for Botox to be safe and effective, it must be administered by a licensed professional who has received training for cosmetic injections and who has plenty of experience. Injected in the wrong way or the wrong spot, Botox can come with some unwanted side effects. However, when used correctly and appropriately, it can help you look amazingly youthful by smoothing away those irritating expression lines and by giving your facial tissues a tight, uplifted look.