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Road Planning

Road Planning Tips For The Professional Truck Driver

The experienced truck driver always understands how important it is to plan ahead every single road trip. A planned trip is going to make more money and will ease driver set. It is really important to have a schedule set up, on that includes meal breaks, resting andrefueling. This protects the truck driver from accidents and the unwanted situation to have to contact a Jonesboro truck accident lawyer. If you want to plan the trip properly, here are some tips to remember.

Always Check The Weather

Always Check The Weather
Since we live in the age of smartphones, always have an app on it to check the weather and track daily forecasts. You want to account for the potential heavy showers and plan the trip around the bad weather areas, whenever possible.

Don’t Forget About Location

Don’t Forget About Location
When traveling to mountain regions and you need to deal with a lower speed limit or challenging driving conditions, be sure that you take this into account and that you add extra time to the plan. Many things should be considered, like expected traffic delays and border crossings. When there are areas that are quite prone to having traffic build-ups at specific times of day or night, plan the trip in a way to arrive when crowds can be avoided.

Fuel Stops

Fuel prices can vary a lot from a state to the next and drastically from one country to another. Always conduct a good research and do plan away so you can gain access to the very best fuel deals.

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping
One thing that many truck drivers forget is the need to go grocery shopping. It is important to have stocks when you travel. They can be quite handy. Store trips can be planned. Choose those that have parking lots that are large enough to accommodate the size of your truck.

Extra Time Is Needed

Extra Time
It is wise to always plan in a way that you allow yourself extra time than what is actually needed. Some extra room that can be in place to deal with unexpected situations can do wonders. This is also great for the clients since you will end up arriving ahead of the mentioned schedule. As you stay ahead of time you manage to maintain the right speed and you do not rush. This automatically increases road safety.

Extra Supplies For Remote Areas

If you need to travel to an area that is remote, you need to be sure that you have some extra supplies in your truck. If you are in remote areas and something goes wrong, it is possible that there won’t be anyone around to help you.

Use Smartphone Apps

Use Smartphone Apps
There are so many different apps that can make the entire trip a lot easier. Truckers that are really experienced even started to use them. Google Maps is by far the most common one. It allows adding multiple destinations, which is great for long hauls with multiple stops.

Take Maps With You

Technology made it a lot easier for truck drivers to plan their trip but what happens when reception is lost or when a device breaks down? This is why you always need to have some maps on hand. This back up can prove to be quite useful in many situations.

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