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How Often Should House Exterior Be Painted

As a homeowner, this is a question that you could be asking yourself. You just bought your first home, and you would like to maintain its shine always.

The exterior material of the house and the climate around determines how long the paint can last. Although the quality of the painting is significant, it is also crucial you understand how often repainting should be done.

An exterior paint job should be done by professional house painters but despite this, it should be re-painted as recommended.

So how often should it be repainted? Some experts will recommend at least once a decade, while others will recommend twice in 3 decades.

Factors That Determine How Often A Property Should Be Painted

The climate conditions in the location, the materials of the house, and the quality will determine how often it should be painted. For example, a property in a hot location will require often painting more than one located in a cold area.

The Climate In The Area

Different seasonal conditions will have different effects on the exterior of your property. In some areas, the property will require to be repainted often.

For example, in coastal areas where it’s humid and salty, frequent repainting will be required unlike in cold areas. This simply means it depends on what elements the paint is exposed to.

When the property is in a shady area, the paint is protected from harsh conditions and it will last longer. Blistering, paint bubbling, and chalking will not be an issue.

The Quality Of The Materials

This ranges from the building materials to the paint. The higher the quality of the paint used, the more durable it is and the less often you will need to repaint.

Cheap is expensive so they say and you may be tempted to buy cheaper paints just to save money. In the long run, you will be doing more repainting than one who uses quality ones.

It should also be painted by an expert to ensure proper preparation.

The Materials Used

The materials of your property is something else that determines how often it should be repainted. If it is built from bricks, it can go up to 15 years without requiring a fresh coat of paint.

Bricks and cement fiberboard are known to keep paint in shape longer than most other materials. Stucco, aluminum and wood siding can be repainted after every five years.


Depending on the location of the property, the building materials, and the quality, the exterior of a property should be repainted every five years.

It is important to work with a professional to advise on how often this should be done.

Besides these factors, if you notice the paint is gradually losing its luster and color, it is time to repaint. This is the same case if it starts to fade or look powdery.

To make sure the property is taken good care of, to prevent damage, and keep its shine, repaint as per the guidelines of an expert. Also, you should use high-quality materials.