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Things To Consider Before Getting Butt Augmentations

People actually care about the way they look. And it’s not just with their face, but with other parts of the body as well. This is one of the reasons why cosmetic surgery and even non-invasive body augmentation have become more popular now. Every year, thousands of people consult their local professionals for procedures, including Botox, implants, and, more particularly, butt augmentation. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, butt implants were the cosmetic procedure that witnessed the highest increase in 2020. The total cases saw a 22% increase during the year. And while implants are not the only way people can augment their hips, it is one of two primary methods. The second is a much less invasive procedure that involves silicone injections. It is effective and preferable because it involves no cuts and stitches on the body.

Are you considering butt augmentation for any reason? Well, here are a few things to bear in mind before jumping on the bandwagon:

Evaluate your options thoroughly

There are two main options when it comes to butt augmentation. There are either gluteal implants and fat transfer, like in the case of a Brazilian Butt Lift, or there are silicone injections in buttocks. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Patients who’ve gone through one or the other relay their thoughts and experiences frequently. You can find these reviews online and, more commonly, on social media. Going through individual journeys and other relevant research is usually the most important thing to do. 

People who go for implants can say that they feel hard at first. According to experts, it can take a few months before the implant gives a natural feel. Similarly, for injections, there are cases where people either love the results or have varying opinions about them. Either way, the choice is personal and individual circumstances can impact your decision. It is best that once you research the options on your own, you sit with a specialist to discuss these at length. 

Choose an experienced professional for the job

Butt augmentation, or any other cosmetic procedure, for that matter, is not to be taken lightly. It is like any other surgery, and when entrusted in the wrong hands, things can backfire. A non-qualified or under-experienced professional can make things worse for you, leaving the body and your ego scarred for life. On top of that, the materials they use can cause internal reactions that result in swelling, redness, and other damaging circumstances. 

 Considering these consequences, it is pertinent to research and find the best, most experienced professional to get the augmentation done. First and foremost, the individual needs to be certified by the board. Experts recommend checking before and after photos of the procedure that your surgeon has performed in the past. Try and find the body shape that is most similar to yours and then evaluate the professional. Also, extensively go through the reviews. It is best to find a recommendation for a surgeon from the people you trust and those who have utilized similar services personally. 

Be ready for post-surgery pain

The idea of getting your dream body shape through butt augmentation may take this point away from your attention, but it is essential to ponder upon. Whether you go for implants or injections, you are altering your body in some way. The pain is more or less the same as any other invasive procedure. In fact, patients and doctors both stress that the first day is horrible in terms of the pain you experience. 

Being aware and ready for this pain to come is an essential tip to consider before getting a butt augmentation. Although the first 24 hours are the most painful, it’s not like everything becomes calm the next day. The duration of pain can vary depending on the procedure you opt for. Doctors usually prescribe painkillers or anesthesia to help patients deal with the pain, but individual scenarios can differ. You can always consult your doctor if the pain gets too intense for you during recovery.  

Also, bear in mind that you’ll have trouble sitting properly for a while

This one goes without saying. Obviously, we rest on our hips when sitting or even lying down, and when you get a butt augmentation, even these normal actions will feel abnormal for a while. Just thinking about it can make you uncomfortable, but it is a reality that you’ll need to come to terms with. Once again, the time you need to be careful about putting pressure on your hips will vary depending on the procedure you undergo. 

Patients say they can experience anywhere between a week to three weeks of having trouble resting their butt. After a week, things become easier, and it can take at least four weeks for you to sit normally. Thankfully, there are options that you can explore to assist in this regard. Memory foam pillows are a great way to help you during the first month after the procedure. Sleeping aids and a standing desk are also effective options to help you get through the initial phase post-op. 

Remember that the results can vary due to several factors

It is important to note that the results you are looking for may not be the same as the photos depict. Individual bodies and internal mechanisms can have an impact on the outcome. Some patients can witness 80-90% of silicone injected retained. Others may experience a lower percentage of this. For some, their butts shrank only an inch post-op from the volume they gained immediately after the procedure. In other cases, the shrinkage is much higher. 

Doctors say that the results of butt augmentation rely on how much fat survives the procedure after the normal cycle of a few months. The final result comes to light depending on the attention to aftercare, individual metabolism, and weight changes post-operation. And mind you, it is not always what you are expecting. This is why it is best to keep those expectations realistic and consult with your doctor the entire time for the most effective results. 


Butt augmentation is a common procedure, especially these days. Many people looking to get that Kim Kardashian body lean towards this option. However, like any other surgery, there are things to consider before getting butt implants or injections. The most crucial steps are ensuring you evaluate your options and only choose an experienced professional for the task. The rest is about being careful and vigilant about the whole procedure.