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Looking for the Best Plan to Europe?

Are you tired of everyday fuss and routine?Would you like to go on a trip? But without what point it is impossible to imagine any trip? Correctly, without planning!Here can prove this statement. Careful preparation for the trip will save you from possible difficulties and problems.

So, if you decided to plan a trip, Europe would be the best variant. Europe is a place where different cultures, nations, and traditions are crossing. Beautiful landscapes, remarkable architecture, splendid resorts cannot leave thousands of tourists indifferent. In order to make your travel as best as possible, it is worth following a few tips.

Decide where to go

Decide where to go
There are many travel alternatives in each country. You can visit some places, ride around the region, go to a beach or visit museums. The solution should meet your needs. Thus, we bring to your attention a few countries that will open Europe to you from a completely different facet.

Gdansk (Poland) – the charm of the Baltic

Gdansk (Poland) - the charm of the Baltic
Do you want to go to the cozy medieval streets of Europe and to breathe the salty sea air of the Baltic Sea, to get excellent service in hotels and restaurants, while not failing to go bankrupt? This can be done in one of the oldest ports in Europe, Gdansk in Poland.

This city literally breathes with history and is ready to share its secrets, neatly hidden in the Gothic churches and in the old squares, in the Great Arsenal and in the port warehouses.

Budapest (Hungary) – the club capital of Central Europe

Budapest (Hungary) - the club capital of Central Europe
The Hungarian capital is an elegant architecture combined with a wonderful musical taste, great cuisine and time for relaxation in thermal pools. But the tourist paradise would be inferior if Budapest did not get the title of club capital of Europe, which he confidently shares with Berlin.

This city simply does not know how to sleep at night, offering its guests a rich, “extracurricular” program at quite democratic prices.

Paris (France) – the legendary capital of the world

Paris (France) - the legendary capital of the world
The world’s treasures of the Louvre and the mysterious twilight of Notre-Dame de Paris, the street fashion and the rapid rhythm of urban life, French wine at the refined restaurants and boutiques of the Champs-Elysees, or perhaps the evening lights of the Eiffel Tower and leisurely walks through the Parisian streets – everyone finds something in this beautiful and multifaceted city.

Rome (Italy) – the kaleidoscope of opportunities

Rome (Italy) – the kaleidoscope of opportunities
The Roman province is a worthy frame for countless treasures of the Italian capital, as the entire surrounding area has felt the influence of the history of the Eternal City. Sea, lakes, hills, cozy small villages and delicious local cuisine, scenic nature and rich history – the outskirts of Rome offer a huge amount of opportunities for a wonderful holiday.

Vienna (Austria) – one of the favorite destinations for European travelers

Vienna (Austria) - one of the favorite destinations for European travelers
The Vienna Ringstrasse is the most beautiful boulevard in the world. Nowhere else you will find such a concentration of beautiful architecture, palaces, parks, museums, and galleries. Vienna was founded in the Roman era, and here you can fully enjoy the majestic spirit of the capital of the great empire.

Choose the date, kind of transport and the route

Choose the date, kind of transport and the route
The second thing that you need to solve is the date of the future trip. It is better to determine the date in advance; then the chance to buy train or air ticket for a good price will be as high as possible.

Depending on the distance, available time and budget, we should determine the kind of transport. There are three basic options – an airplane, a car, and a train/bus. At a distance of over 1000 km, it is recommended to choose an airplane. Starting with this distance, travel by air becomes economically more profitable than traveling by car.

The route is absolutely necessary. It is better to determine in advance where to go, what to see, how many days to spend in a certain city.

Book your accommodation

There is nothing worse than the night at the train station. Do not expect that you will be able to find a good apartment at a place, also at a pleasant price. Today there are plenty of Internet services that will simplify the search for housing and ticket purchases, for a fellow traveler and a good restaurant.

Housing in Europe is different for every taste and purse. Hotels are both fashionable or inexpensive and comfortable. Individualists can rent an apartment, apartment or even a villa, and budget travelers usually choose democratic hostels.

Hopefully, these tips will help you finally make the decision and take the trip you have dreamed about for a long time. And one more tip: do not load your luggage completely, because when your journey ends, you will want to put in it a couple of pounds of souvenirs.