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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer in Dublin: Useful Tips

Wedding preparation is always difficult and stressful. One of the most important tasks for newlyweds is to find a professional photographer who will accompany them during the official ceremony and informal part of the event.

If you decide to organize your wedding in Dublin, you should be aware of numerous beautiful places in this city which are perfect for the photo session in «love story» style or in traditional Irish suits. Wedding photographers in Dublin are ready to create original photos that will allow you to save your beautiful wedding in your memory forever. How to choose the best photographer in this city? We will give you some recommendations.


Wedding is one of the most important event in your life, that’s why it’s important to choose a well-experienced photographer. Pay attention to the period of their work. A professional should adapt to any non-standard situation. Did a bride break her hill and can’t pose in the same style? Were you both prepared but the weather has changed suddenly? It shouldn’t be an obstacle for a good photographer.

Examine the portfolio

A professional has enough pictures in their portfolio. Don’t rush and examine everything. If you find several good pictures only, no need to make an arrangement with this specialist. Bear in mind that a good photographer has a lot of photos in different styles, they should be divided into categories.

Meet with a person

No need to agree before you meet a photographer face to face even if you like the portfolio. You should discuss all the details of the wedding in person. A photographer should be interested in these details, should ask a lot of questions and give some interesting ideas.

This meeting will help a photographer to get to know you better, to catch up your personality and your mood. Some photographers in Dublin offer to organize the so-called «prologue» of the wedding photo session. They can make photos of newlyweds buying rings or a bride choosing a dress. It’s very touching and memorable.

Choose a photographer with an assistant

It’s very difficult to organize a perfect photo session when you are alone. An assistant will help with equipment, they will take pictures with different angles, these people also help with decorations.

It’s especially actual if you plan a huge and pompous event with a lot of guests.

Pay attention to the price

The price for wedding photographers in Dublin should be affordable but bear in mind that a miser pays twice. A professional won’t be cheap. If you get a set of mediocre pictures, you can’t repeat your celebration. At the same time, even an expensive photographer can be nothing special.

The price a photographer in Dublin includes:

  • Hourly pay or one-time pay for the whole event.
  • The photo session before the wedding (love story).
  • The editing of the photos (a specialist can edit all the pictures or a certain number of them).
  • The print of the pictures (you can print them yourself or entrust it to a photographer who will help to choose the best paper and format).

If you allow them to use your photos in their portfolio, you can talk about a nice discount.

Read the reviews

Most people prefer to look for a wedding photographer in Dublin on special catalogs. In these catalogs you can read a lot of reviews from the previous clients. It will help you to understand if a certain specialist is good and reliable enough.

Remember that even a professional may have bad reviews, but if there are too many negative comments, better choose another person for your wedding photos.

Conclude the agreement

Don’t agree with a photographer just by words. Both sides should write an agreement that will protect your rights and interests. Pay attention to the following points:

  • The precise day and time of the beginning of work.
  • The payment and the price for one hour.
  • The number of photos you will get.
  • The fines for breaking this agreement.
  • The terms when you get the pictures (as a rule, photographers provide the results within two weeks).

Where to find a good wedding photographer in Dublin?

Some people prefer to ask their friends and relatives. But some of your familiar people didn’t use this service, some of them were disappointed about it.

Another way is social media. In this case you will have to spend a lot of time trying to find someone suitable, you will have to follow thematic communities and you barely can read some reviews.

The best way is to find a wedding photographer in our catalog. We publish real profiles of professionals with a lot of reviews and portfolios, so you can choose someone for the best wedding in the world.