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3 Cool Benefits to Slide On Sneakers

Putting on your shoes may seem like such a basic step of your daily routine that you don’t think about it much. That is, until you have a reason for needing to get them on or off more quickly and find yourself with no real options.   

When that happens, the need for the easiest way to put on your shoes could mean the difference between a bad day and a great one because it is all about getting the best foot out the door in the morning (pun intended). There are three cool benefits to slide on sneakers that you never knew were the answer to all your footwear problems. 

Oh So Convenient  

Whether you are running out the door with kids or pets in tow, or running (literally), out the door for your morning workout, who wouldn’t benefit getting back a few minutes? While you may not think putting on your shoes takes much of your time, the task itself has proven to be more time consuming than we would prefer in today’s culture.  

A slide on sneaker can save valuable minutes and give that time back to you. That way, you can focus on the important tasks. It is a lot more convenient to slide on your shoes the moment before you step out the door. You don’t have to sit anything down (and risk forgetting to take it with you). Just slide on and go! 

Many other brands are launching such slide on sneakers and for many of these, the dates have been announced already! While the company Kizik has announced its plan to add a slide on sneaker for kids, even adults get themselves, and their shoes, in icky situations. If you are a runner you likely encounter many dirty or mud ridden paths that can collect on your shoes. When you get home, instead of using your hands to remove your gross and germy sneakers, you can simply slide them right back off.  

The most “oh so convenient” benefit to slide on sneakers is how easy you can get through airports when traveling. Even if flying isn’t something you do on a daily basis, sneakers that are easy to slide off and on will save you valuable time. You also won’t have to worry about holding up the line and getting nasty looks from fellow passengers.



Accomplishing far more than making lives convenient with slide on sneakers, another benefit is their ability to give back independence. While some physical difficulties may be temporary, many of them are not. It is important for a company to strive to make things better for those that love their independence.  

One Kizik customer gave the testimonial that the slide on sneaker has given her husband with Parkinson’s back his independence and confidence. Now he can put on and take off his own shoes without having to ask for her help. He can simply slide them on and be ready to go.  

Another customer spoke about her mother with dementia, and how putting on her shoes is just one of many things that require assistance. With less steps to remember, and a little practice, she was eventually able to learn how to slide on her sneakers by herself. Giving people back their independence and dignity is likely the most rewarding benefit of a slide on sneaker. But, there is more! 

When it Happens To You 

At some point in our lives, we run into a situation where putting on our shoes is not necessarily a mundane, daily task – but a struggle instead. It is possible that one (or more) of the following scenarios have happened to you, or someone you know. Slide on sneakers have one final main benefit – how they can help when something like this happens to you. 

Having a hip replacement surgery must be one of the most painful procedures one can endure. And yet, the moment you leave the hospital (likely in a wheelchair), you will have to wear shoes. In the hospital you’re lucky to have a nurse or family member help you out, but what happens once you get home and are recovering for weeks? Even if you do have someone taking care of you, being able to slide into your sneakers in one step would help quite a bit. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be bending your leg to put on your shoes. 

If your legs aren’t an issue, maybe your arms or shoulders would be. Some customers mentioned the benefit of not having to tie shoes after a shoulder injury, and just slip them on and off while standing. Sitting down to put on shoes makes our bodies shift at unnatural angles which can put strain on your muscles and joints.  

Remember, when you need a little convenience and independence back in your life, a slide on sneaker can deliver several benefits.