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4 Best Small Flashlight By Olight in 2022

Since the evolution of LED technology, the LED flashlight has taken over the traditional torches at a higher rate. Today we have all sorts of flashlights in the market, small, tactical, higher lumen flashlights, and so on.

Apart from all the types of flashlights available, smaller-size flashlights have been the mainstream nowadays. There are lots of reasons why small flashlights are getting mainstream, they are compact, portable, and produce more light than some bulkier flashlights.

Here we list the top 4 small flashlights by Olight.

Baton 3 Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

Baton 3 is one of the smallest flashlights by Olight that can produce up to 1200 lumens with a light throw capability of 166 meters. The size is only 2.48″ long and 1.8 oz. including the battery.

The best part is it comes with a wireless power bank that can provide an additional 3.7 charge for the light that can last up to 95 days.

You get a magnetic charging cable and an in-built indicator that show you the output and input status of charging.

Warrior Mini 2 Compact EDC Tactical Flashlight

Another small but powerful flashlight by Olight is Warrior Mini 2. This flashlight is so versatile that you can use it for both EDC and tactical uses.

The maximum light is 1750 lumens with up to 220 meters of light throw. It has a runtime of 45 days if used in a low mode. Other than that it also has a proximity sensor that helps to automatically dim the light after 1 minute of lens obstruction.

This small flashlight is powered by a 3500mAh rechargeable battery and MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable. It also has a battery indicator to let you know when you’re low on battery.

Baldr Mini Tactical Light & Green Laser Combo

Baldr Mini is a tactical flashlight that can be best used as a defensive weapon. Other than that, it can also be mounted on guns with GL and Picatinny rails.

This ultra-compact tactical light produces 600 lumens and up to 130 meters of beam distance. It also has a green laser light for enhanced accuracy that can be controlled with an easy-reach switch.

Talking about the battery, it has a magnetic charging port, runs on a lithium-polymer battery, and has a low battery indicator alert system.

Marauder 2 Powerful Flashlight

Marauder 2 is not that tiny but still, it is tiny enough to fit anywhere in your pocket and bags. More than the size, this alpha flashlight is known for its brightness, it can produce up to 14,000-lumens flood beam or flip to an 800-meter throw.

Another best thing about this flashlight is its reverse charging, you can use the flashlight battery to charge your phone, pad, or any device that uses a UBS-C power source. It is capable of 30W charging and 30W reverse charging.

Other than that, Marauder 2 has a built-in proximity sensor to protect the torch from overheating and a toggle switch to toggle between spotlight and floodlight.

Tiny but Powerful

There’s a saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”, same goes for a small flashlight, don’t judge a flashlight by its size. The flashlights mentioned above are far more durable and powerful than many bulky flashlights.

No matter the size, if a flashlight can produce the light you need, that flashlight is what you need. For more flashlights, please visit the Olight official store.