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In the Mood for Multicolor

Neutral colors often have a tranquil and calming effect, whether it’s the color of our home décor or our favorite outfit.  It is fun to add interest with different textures and layers that are of varying shades and fabrics.  In a way, this timeless take on design feels healing in the chaotic moments that we have been living through recently.

But now as people are feeling more optimistic and hopeful, a new multicolor trend is emerging.  The sudden popularity of vivid colors that enhance our mood with positive energy is being embraced with gusto.  The rainbow or multicolor microtrend is being interpreted as a symbol of hope, solidarity, and appreciation.  It expresses all of our emotions at the same time, including a higher level of energy, excitement, and the desire to be noticed.

Orange, red, blue, green – are bright colors that are being used as a way to navigate a world and expresses an eclectic style that communicates who we are as individuals.  Kids love that multicolor reminds them of rainbows and their favorite tie-dye shirts. Adults are searching for a way to bring in a pop of color to their wardrobe or home and live among something that is truly unique.  Both in our homes and in what we wear, we are saying goodbye to classic colors (at least for now) and are turning to something that feels ultra-fun.  This trend is not necessarily focused on what we think of when we imagine a rainbow, but a spectrum of shades that make us feel happy and sparks a bit of something special within us.

Not everyone wants to embrace this trend from head-to-toe or wall-to-wall.  Interpreting the style movement in a unique way respects the individual.  Each person is different, and each person has a different way to include multiple colors in their lives.


An easy way to incorporate the multicolor trend is to focus on footwear — one bold foot forward at a time!  Especially with a sandal style, you can have multiple colors that don’t look overwhelming or overpowering.  A fashion footwear brand that is doing this extremely well is Rag & Co which offers stylish and sleek sandals, boots, mules, and clogs with ergonomic designs. Handcrafted with premium cruelty free leathers, Rag & Co has an eye on the environment and fashion.  Favorite styles that incorporate the colorful trend are the Mon Lapin Blue High Heeled Block Leather Sandal and the Mon Lapin Red High Heeled Block Leather Sandal.


For those that like to style their space instead of themselves, tackling a workspace is the first place to look.  We spend hours each day at our desks and would greatly benefit from a space that has energy and promotes positive vibes.  Perhaps it will spur some new creativity too! Love Desk Mats offers countless ways to incorporate the multicolor trend into your home office or office away from home.  These mats are like oversized mouse pads but better. Available in a variety of multicolor options, Love Desk Mats protect wood and glass surfaces from scratches and dust.  If you can’t find a color combo to love, then upload your own with the company’s customized option.


If you are the type of person that loves to be bold, then a custom creation from Donna Leah Designs is the perfect way to fully embrace the multicolor trend.  Based in Miami, the designer has a passion for bold color and shine.  Her elegant and sophisticated looks are perfect for individuals that seek to make a statement that is unique to them.  Now that we’re discovering dressing up again and want to look extra special as we emerge from our homes, a colorful evening gown seems like the perfect way to celebrate.