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Why Nothing Says ‘Style’ Like a Flat Roof

Many cities in North America are in the midst of a fundamental design shift. Everywhere you turn, older houses built before the Second World War are getting facelifts as new owners choose to renovate, revitalize, and re-imagine their properties for the twenty-first century. 

These changes take many forms — larger windows, cleaner angles, and the incorporation of modern building materials are major features of these new designs — but probably the most striking thing about them is the incorporation of flat roofs. 

While flat roofs are nothing new in cities like Toronto or Chicago, most properties in downtown residential neighborhoods still feature traditional pitched roofs that use asphalt shingles, slates, or cedar shakes. But as roofing technology has improved, many homeowners are looking to upgrade to a more modern style. 

The clean lines and elegant profile of a flat roof has come to define the essence of modern architectural style, and if you’re considering major changes to your home in the coming year, here are three reasons to consider hiring a roofer who can give your roof a makeover. 

1. Let There Be Light

If you compare a house that has been renovated to include a flat roof to its pitch-roofed neighbors, one thing you’ll probably notice is that it just feels lighter — so often, gables and eaves give houses a heavy look, and in contrast modern houses seem significantly less ponderous. 

This is true of the inside as well. Especially in densely-built areas, a flat roof allows more light in between buildings, which in turn translates into a lighter, airier interior. 

2. Functionality that Looks Good

One of the chief benefits of a flat roof from a practical perspective is that they can be designed to expand your living space through the addition of decks and rooftop patios. 

Adding a balcony can throw off the architectural profile of a house, but a flat roof deck gives you the benefit of an easily accessible outdoor space without disrupting the architectural lines of the structure. 

3. An Environmental Choice

Most homeowners these days are acutely aware of how environmentally-friendly design makes for a more livable house and cheaper energy bills. And thanks to breakthroughs in insulation and material design, flat roofs now offer a wide range of environmental benefits when compared to pitched roofs. 

Not only is basic flat roof design more sustainable, it also creates a platform for further development through the addition of gardens, reflective paint, photovoltaic cells, and other green technologies. 

As these points demonstrate, the convenience and functionality of flat roofs are one of the key reasons why they have become such an enduring trend. But they also add value to your property simply for their aesthetic qualities — this style is popular in part because it gives a home distinction and grace. 

If you want to make changes that will increase the value of your house while enhancing curb appeal, calling a roofing contractor who specializes in flat roofs today is the best way to do so.