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Simple Tweaks to Make Your Kitchen More Welcoming

Because it is already a new year, why don’t you revolutionize your home? Make your friends and family happy with the outstanding results! Here are some of the things you need to take note of what you will do to make your kitchen looking better this 2021.

The kitchen is the last place in your mind to choose as a hangout place for your family or friends. But why not change that? So that next time you’re not watching TV or not huddled over your phones, you and your friends or family can bond over preparing that family dinner together.

Below are just some simple things that you can do to give your kitchen a cozy feel and a more inviting ambiance.

Opt for a warm wall color

It may be the last thing on your mind but never underestimate the importance of wall colors. Colors can instantly transform a room, from dull to vibrant, from weak to invigorating. 

Warm colors like yellow, orange, or even red can instantly transform a drab kitchen. Red is believed to stimulate the appetite. If it is too bold or striking for you, you can always go for a lighter, washed-out shade that won’t be too overwhelming. Or, if you want a more cozy color, brown tones can also work. 

If you’re still unsure what color works best for your kitchen, look for decorating books and magazines, read blogs and websites for ideas. Play around with colors until you find that perfect fit for a cozy kitchen. 

Upgrade your kitchen fixtures

If it has been ages since you’ve owned that stained oven or old coffeemaker, consider changing them now. You’ll be surprised how much appeal new and elegant looking appliances can do to your kitchen. 

Add a touch to your cabinets and counters. They’re one of the most noticeable features of your kitchen that upgrading them can change your kitchen’s overall ambiance. You don’t have to replace the whole fixture. A simple change of the cabinet doors and countertops or a splash of paint will do the job. Then show off a customizable mug for display. They can add elegance to your kitchen with your own personal touch. 

Rethink your lighting

Just like your wall color, changing the lighting can do wonders for any room in your house. Warm and natural-looking light can make your kitchen brighter and more inviting. 

One light bulb might not bring enough light to your kitchen. Consider under-cabinet lighting for those hard-to-reach areas of the kitchen. 

And don’t just settle for the usual overhead LED fixtures. Consider chandeliers or pendants like a Caravaggio pendant that can create ambiance while adding more style to your kitchen. 

Replace your old equipment with new ones

All things have a timeframe, and starting a new year with fresh items is an excellent move to do. Why don’t you replace your old microwave that has defects with new ones? We should understand that not all of the items last forever, and this move is to avoid severe problems like fluctuation that can lead you to electrical fires. 


A cluttered space drives people away. Do a spring cleaning to create a more spacious kitchen where your family can hang out. 

You can start by evaluating your appliances. Downsize your pots, pans, and tableware. Get rid of those with duplicates. Donate or sell those that you don’t need, especially the big ones, to free up more space. 

If you frequently host dinner events and need that many tableware, stack them in a labeled box and store them in storage space. And bring them out only when needed. 

Clean your sink

Your sink is the most used item in your kitchen, so keeping them clean is a must on your to-do list for a more inviting kitchen. 

Merely letting the water run down over your kitchen sink won’t drive the germs and bacteria down the drain. Depending on what type of sink you have, there are many ways to quickly clean it with simple household items, from baking soda to hot water. 

You’ll find that a clean and nice-smelling kitchen sink can keep people lingering even longer. 

Installing Glass Doors

Glass Doors is one of the trending installations in everyone’s homes. With its sleek design, it gives light to the entire room. And yes, it’s also applicable to your kitchen. Put a division to your living room and kitchen area by installing glass doors. If you worry that it’s not sturdy and reliable, not anymore because there are bulletproof and highly durable glasses that you can look for on the market. You can visit online sites for some glass items that are easy to install at your home. 

Change where your things are placed

Why don’t you change the angle of your kitchen? Some of you are most likely satisfied with how their house looks like but let’s note that change is the only constant thing. There are a lot of things which you can change, like placing your tv screen on the other side and shift the sofa in front of your table. 

You do not necessarily need to buy things, but you just need to design tactics to make your home better. There are a lot of websites that provide the latest trends in home decorations and gardening. 

Replace your windows

According to, you should replace your window with a more energy-efficient one because it affects the current bill by 25 percent. If your house is built for more than five years, you should also renovate your window because you are more likely not in trend.  


We must realize the fact that we must start our year with a fresh start. Home is one of the investments that you or your parents can ever give, and we must make it awesome. Sometimes you need to buy new ones because rusty things can lead you to more significant problems, and sometimes you just need to redesign your home by changing its angle, adding some display accessories as an accent and a perfect example is a customizable mug for your kitchen.

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